About ‘Preacher Said What?’

August 8, 2010

‘Preacher Said What?’ (PSW) is a blog dedicated to capturing quirky quotes or doctrinally ridiculous statements made my preachers. This site is dedicated to the preachers that make you say ‘what?’ with the things they say.

This site is not to condemn anyone. Words are powerful when written or spoken. What a preacher often says can reveal enough in who they are, what they are about and where they want to lead people.  Sometimes preachers have a bad hair day and say stupid things by accident. It’s about time that we see the preacher is simply human like you and me, and not some contemporary Moses leading the new Israel into some End Time Army Armageddon.

This is how this blog works:

1. We will be posting up what preachers say in their sermons, podcasts or blogs that can make anyone laugh, cry, furious, scream ‘blasphemy!’ or anything that requires you to throw something across the room.

2. We will be relying heavily on others to provide us with material what outrageous preacher s may say. Please supply:

  1. THE CONTEXT! Then the quote.
  2. the link.
  3. the date (and time if possible).
  4. if it’s a video, the time frame in which you quote the preacher.
  5. if in a book, the page number, chapter, name of book and year.
  6. if in an online file, the file type, website url and date, the page number, chapter, name of book and year (all this if possible).

3. What is said on PSW will stay on PSW. We will edit out bad language unless quoting the original source.

4. This will be a place to comment and discuss issues raised with what the preachers are quoted in saying.

What is the point in doing all this, you might say?

  1. To release a bit of energy with Christian’s frustrated with what preachers are getting away with their teachings.
  2. We hope this blog brings more laughter to the Christian community. Laughter is good medicine and also brings people together.
  3. We hope this blog brings more awareness to the concern many Christian’s are seeing and hearing happening in God’s church today.
  4. We hope this blog helps bring accountability to the preachers preaching to the church.
  5. We hope this blog, with Jesus’ help, can allow believers walk in Spirit and in Truth, Love and Justice. With AMAZING Grace comes amazing responsibility.
  6. We hope this blog can help individuals discover the wonderful untainted saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!


  1. So feel free to comment and discuss some of the comments made by preachers. And feel free to contribute to this site if you want.

  2. Thanks for the visit on the Wall… and consider yourself linked. Stop by often and keep proclaiming the truth.

    Peace and blessings.

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