Brian Houston Said What?

October 19, 2010

Well, if we want to prosper, and we want all the right things to prosper in our life, by all means! I’ve personally, (and this is a big statement, and I know I’ve said it before), but personally, I don’t think you can be in the will of God and not put Him first in your finances. – Brian Houston, Sermon: A Leaders Measure,  http://hillsong.bigblog.com.au/video.do?id=188233: (00:00 ), 18/01/2008


“[Continued] I think I make some people mad when I say it, but I actually believe it. I actually believe that you can’t be right with God if you don’t get that basic right. That foundation right.

But on top of that, some people, they are legalistic tithers. It’s like a bondage in their life. They’re thinking they’re not planted in living water. So their thinking is so…

Basically they’re building on one hand and tearing down with another.

And so let’s make sure that we’re… yeah… we’re putting God first. But also let’s make sure that what is in us; our delight, where we’re planted, our meditation; is leading towards the right things prospering in our lives. I had resonated onto my spirit, since I was five years of age, that I wanted to build- I wanted to be a part of the kingdom of God… … …

That’s the thing that has been in my spirit all my life. And I believe I’ve done much, much more. But that’s what’s prospering in my life- but it’s a combination of things.  Over the years, it’s just making sure that you delight, and that your meditation, and where you’re planted is lining up with that thing that’s in your spirit… … …

… So I just really want to encourage you: whatever we do does prosper. It’s not the measure someone else used that ultimately determines where our life ends up, it’s the measure we use. You have something happen that is not fair, that wasn’t right, that wasn’t just, it actually doesn’t have to be the measure that determines your life.

I mean theirs the inspiring stories of people who end up in wheel-chairs that do incredible things for God because they didn’t let somebody elses measure, (the person who hit them from the side drunk driving). They actually didn’t let that person determine ultimately what prospered in their life. And if someone in that kind of situation is able to keep the right things prospering in their life, how much more can you and I? How much more?

So lets really decide that our delight, our meditation and our planting is going to cause all the right things to prosper in us. Don’t be down on yourself if you find yourself entertaining the wrong kind of thinking. Because you’re just doing the exact thing that I said: you are allowing the wrong things to prosper. Don’t be down on yourself, but also don’t accept it. Challenge it and replace it with the word of God. And it’s an active choice to do that.” – Brian Houston, Sermon: A Leaders Measure, http://www2.hillsong.com/podcasts/Brian%20Houston%20-%20A%20Leaders%20Measure.mp3: (21:34), 18/01/2008




  1. Being bounded in a wheel-chair doesn’t mean that you are neglected by God..It’s His way to make you realize a thing and I guess that would be your mission… God loves us!

  2. Hello LightweightWheelChair!

    Many hinderances come against people as many as there are many blessings. The good looking, smart successful girls attracts the perverts and deceptive, smooth men. But many girls want to become like her.

    The ugly looking boy feels he is worthless, but he is not caught in dodgy peer group activities or ends up with sex-related diseases, still wanting a girl for what he truly is – not what he isn’t.

    The poor person is free from paying taxes and has true friends, while the rich have fake friends and are still not satisfied with what they have. The smart lack social skills and wish they weren’t so smart and the socialites wish they were smarter and not so social. We are never good enough – and the other person’s life we are looking at often wishes they were us.

    The point is we all have our handicaps and our limitations. Being in a wheel-chair has it’s benefits as much as it’s a down-falls like with any other person. You quickly find who your true friends are in this process. It’s also a great excuse not to do things you don’t want to do. 🙂

    In all this, God is with the beautiful, the ugly, the smart, the dumb, the social, the anti-social, the gay, the straight, the handicappped, the bankers, the refugee, etc.

    All in all God CHOOSES to be in relationship with us. And He is pleased with us because we have accepted His Spirit and Him, us. This is what He delights in – when we choose to fellowship with Him in prayer, reading the bible and doing life with Him, no matter where we are at, what we do or where we are going.

    No jew, no gentile, no male, no female, no master, slave or free are considered different in Christ – we are all one in Him. We serve each-other because we are all one in Him.

  3. […] you want to know what Brian means by saying ‘submit to His will for our lives’, read: https://preachersaidwhat.wordpress.com/2010/10/19/brian-houston-said-what/) Provided […]

  4. Health, wealth, success and happiness are temporary things. Gods not worried about that for our lives. Hes more worried about what’s going on with us spiritually. Wake up and smell the roses.

  5. Jesus called God “Father”.
    1. What Father worth his salt doesn’t care for the everyday well-being of His children?
    2. As earthly parents, do we care ONLY for the earthly well-being of your children?
    3. Or do we care about their earthly & spiritual well-being?

    Simple questions…

    What “roses” are you smelling Tommy?

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