Phil Pringle Said What? (II)

November 1, 2010

Note: All quotes are from Phil Pringle’s book, ‘Moving In The Spirit’ (1994). This book is still promoted by him and are promoted in his colleges. His college library has shelves dedicated to his material. He still promotes ALL his books to this day. Some quotes will seem out of place or uninteresting. I’d encourage you to compare them to his other quotes. These quotes are for the purpose of critique and review.


“Remember ‘The head moves quickly but the heart moves slowly’. We need time for our heart to become involved and our spirit nourished. We begin most of our meetings with songs and worship. We enter with praise to God. We may sing a song twice and feel the anointing begin to fall. Should we stop prematurely for some reason, we may be unaware that our people are just beginning to grasp it with their hearts. The ‘feeling of God’ is beginning to come upon the congregation. Sing it twenty, thirty times if the power of God remains on it.

When we decide to break with traditional ways of doing things, allowing the Spirit to move, we will experience many things our hearts crave for. And God’s.

Awake to the Holy Spirit and do what He wants. This creates faith. This creates atmospheres for salvation, healing, prosperity, hope and joy.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 19-20.


“Paul calls us ministers of the Spirit. If we are responsible for ministry in a service or small group meeting, Paul’s words mean we can interpret what the Spirit is saying to any gathering of God’s people. We should be carrying the Holy Ghost into meetings. We should emerge from the place of prayer with His power on us. Jesus told his disciples, ‘wait’, until clothed with power from on high.

We don’t stand in the pulpit naked of the power of God. Rather, ‘clothed’ with the Holy Ghost power. This is numero uno on the priorities for a New Testament minister.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 20.


“Atmospheres are affected heavily by the anointing of God. When an anointing for salvation is in a building, people find it easy making the decision to receive Christ. This applies to all the gifts of the Spirit. Under the anointing for healing, people receive healing easily. The same applies to prophecy, baptism in the Spirit, prayer, preaching and deliverance. There are anointings for all of these areas. Without that anointing, we vainly struggle in the flesh while attempting spiritual results. Luke 5:17 says:

‘The power of the Lod was present to heal them.’

This means the power of God can linger, waiting for the man of God to release it into those he is ministering to. In this atmosphere, it is the connection of the Word of God with faith that brings supernatural results.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 21.


“The story of Moses reveals that lifting hands to God has spiritual power. (Exodus 17:8-13).” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 22.


“The power of an atmosphere occurs at the descending of Old Testament Shekinah glory: visible evidence of God’s presence.

It arrives at Solomon’s temple dedication. [Excerpts read from 2 Chr 5:13-14 (NKJV)]

The priests collapsed, unable to remain standing. Their strength left them. They fell before the Lord. This same cloud hovered Israel as they traversed the Sinai desert. By day, it gave cool shade from a hot sun. At night it became a pillar of fire, warming God’s people in a freezing wilderness.

Straying from this supernatural covering, bought death from the sun by day and death from the cold by night.

God’s people have always been warned. Stay close to the presence of God. Stay close to the ‘cloud’. Our homes should be filled with an atmosphere of God. It should be there when people visit us. It acts as an attitude conditioner.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 23.


“The Holy Spirit is a dove. He only rests on what is clean and calm. Doves will not settle on anything unclean or restless. That is why the dove returned to Noah in the ark. The turbulent sea provided no resting place.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 29.


“We learn to carry the presence of God into our churches, homes, into our work places. The Ark of Moses’ Tabernacle was transported on the shoulders of priests alone. God ordained it so… It was carried by men. Chosen men. Men ordained by God. Priests.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 27-8.


“On the Day of Pentecost twelve men stood, supernaturally speaking other languages, also carrying the presence of God.The baptism of the Holy Spirit. The ‘Ark’ of the New Testament.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 28.


“God chooses Joshua over Caleb to be the leader who enables Israel to possess their land. The reason? Joshua lingers in the presence of God in the tabernacle even after Moses had left. (Ex 33:11)” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 28.


“The Old Testament describes numerous manifestations of the Father. The Son and Holy Spirit occasionally appear, but it is clear Who was emphasized to the Earth from Creation to Malachi. The Father.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 35.


The Bible is the tangible mind of God.– Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 45.


“Faith knows feelings are unreliable as a basis for action. Neither does faith rely on our natural senses… It does not depend on the ability of man.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 46.


“Initially I have no physical evidence of what I am believing… However, I definitely believe the Holy Spirit is pouring out of my life into others as I preach. When counselling, the Holy Ghost flows from me to that person. When I worship, the Spirit of God is flowing out of me into the heavens as a river of inspired praise to God. When I pray or prophesy over someone, the Holy Spirit is pouring into their life. How do I know this is so? Not by the sight of my eyes. Not by my feelings. I am assured by the unfailing Word of God. It is so!

Other scriptures also point to this. As we believe God’s Word and act on it, the truth we believe becomes reality. It translates from being a principle on paper to reality in this physical world. God moves in response to faith, without which, it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6).” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 46.


“Faith sees God at work in us. Faith sees God at work through us. You believe as you pray. The power of God brings answers. Faith sees answers before they happen. Fear sees failure and despair. Both faith and fear use the imagination. Fear comes naturally to the human heart. Faith does not. It is a decision to believe. By this decision, doubt is displaced. By faith.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 47.


“Oral Roberts says he has never seen God use a discouraged man. The Spirit moves through men and women who are bold, confident and assured. Our confidence (faith), is based on the Word of God, and what we hear from God. A Rhema. This is the source of faith.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 49.


To hear God’s voice we must be still… The second aspect of stillness is that we stopGod is waiting for His people to wait for Him!– Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 50-51.


“Visions from the prophets are given to motivate their hearers to action.

One of the most sensational things on earth is a vision from God. Vision ignites fire in our spirit. It births the ‘prayer of faith’. It is imperative we see in the Spirit so we understand the will of God.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 59.


“Visions possess greater significance than just entertainment! Visions have power.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 66.


“As mentioned earlier, Joseph is gifted in interpreting dreams. His life is mostly spent serving and interpreting the dreams of others. He fulfilled the will of God in his life by helping others achieve the purpose of God in theirs.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 67.


“Right now as you read this, I believe an anointing of the Holy Ghost will come upon you. This anointing will be like honey and oil mixed together. It will be sweet and flowing. If you just allow your consciousness to move towards God right now, you will sense His presence. As the anointing settles, stillness comes over your mind and heart. This prepares you to hear from God. This enables ‘the eyes of the heart’ to be opened, to see in the Spirit.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 69.


God is not a poor communicator.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 69.


“… A person with the gift of prophecy is able to prophesy at almost any time they wish.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 72.


“A minister feels compassion for the people he is called to. This prompts him with a particular spiritual desire towards them. To heal them. To give them guidance. To lead them. To prophesy over them. Love fans gifts into flame.

Gifts of the Spirit are given to the minister, empowering him to build up the church. This means to increase it both horizontally, by adding more people to the Kingdom, and vertically, by bringing maturity in the believers. Occasionally I see words over people.

I see visions very easily under the touch of God. Many times I have told people what I see. I occasionally prophesy over members in church. Many times they are new people. One person decided to stay as the result of a word directly spoken over them. A responsible administration of the gifts plants people securely in God’s house. This member reasoned that – “If this is where God is going to speak to me, I’m staying!” People want to be where God is moving, where He is speaking, healing, doing things. Gifts build the church.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 72-73.


“Angelic tongues are communications from God to man. This is an unintelligible (to earthly ears) message. It seems unintelligible, but is a definite language. It is the language of angels (1 Corinthians 13:1). It is a message from God, via an angel, spoken by a believer, to the church. It mostly happens in calmer periods during corporate worship or prayer. It comes as an authorative, bold proclamation from God. Angelic tongues need interpretation. The Bible says the person giving the message should pray they also interpret (1 Cor 14:13). If unable to do so, they are not to give the message unless an interpreter is present. Uninterpreted, the message has no meaning and no edifying power for the church. It is an unearthly, heavenly language, demanding spiritual ‘decoding’.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 76-77.


“Romans 8 tells that the Holy Spirit prays through us. Sometimes those prayers are completely in tongues.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 78.


“People sometimes share their visions or dreams with me. Often they don’t understand their meaning, even though they feel they are significant. As they speak, clear understanding comes to me. This is a gift of interpretation at work.

Effective ministry must include the ability to move in supernatural interpretations of the unknown. We are Ministers of the Spirit.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 78-79.


“The gift of prophecy does not make a person a prophet. Prophets foretell future events with accurate detail. Times, names. Dates, places, past and future events are revealed to the person occupying this office. A person with the gift of prophecy does not major on details such as these but speaks in general terms. The specifics are in the ears of the hearer. The hearers understand clearly what the Lord is saying to them regarding the details of their lives, even though no specifics are mentioned in the prophecy.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 79.


“Some critical people express their opinions through prophecy. This must be guarded against. The people themselves will imagine this is how everyone operates gifts of the Spirit. It opens the door for self-deception. In addition, the meeting will fall flat after such a ‘word’, grieving the Spirit. True prophecy brings the feeling of God to a gathering. It does not subtract from the atmosphere, but adds to it. If prophecy condemns people, it is not from the Lord. The anointing descends as prophecy comes. People rise in victory, praise and worship.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 80.


“In excitement people prophesy things way beyond what God is saying. Paul says to prophesy ‘according to your faith” (Romans 12:6). Can you believe what you are prophesying? If not, don’t say it. You’ll impart more doubt than faith. If you get excited while you are prophesying, do not allow emotions or desires to take over and say something like: ‘God is going to save the entire city.’ When this doesn’t happen your faith in the gift is damaged. Others’ opinion of your ministry is not helped.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 81.


“Prophecy must be judged. Only those approved should be able to prophesy to gatherings of God’s people. ” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 81.


“Because we do not tolerate people delivering spurious messages or acting strangely in meetings, our people feel confident bringing unsaved people, or Christian friends, without embarrassment.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 82.


“Prophecy is for edification, exhortation and comfort, to build up, challenge, and encourage. Here’s an example of what a prophecy should sound like:

‘You are my children, I know you each by name, I have called you, saved you and brought you into my family…’ (i.e. edification, building up)’… Therefore take my love to the world. Seek out those who are lonely and confused and freely give them what I have given you…’ (i.e. exhortation, challenge)’… And I will be with you, supply all your needs and confirm your words, for I am for you. Therefore who can be against you..?’ (i.e comfort, giving hope and promise.)” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 82.


“The New Testament minister should be able to discern what God is doing. We are to understand the movings of the Holy Spirit, what He is doing. We should know what the ‘mood’ of the Spirit is. We should be able to discern the atmosphere of a place, whether good or bad. Demons restrict the moving of the Spirit; they hinder the release of God’s people in faith, prayer, fellowship and worship. We should be aware of any demonic activity and deal with it in the name of Jesus, so that we pray with effect.

Discerning of spirits is given so we correctly perceive the true motivation of people’s actions and words. Understanding their spirit, we approach each situation with our eyes open. That is exactly what revelation gifts are for; the revealing of things hidden to the natural man. Remember, all the gifts of the Spirit are to be used with love. If I understand a person’s spirit, I can help them, even though they may be unwilling to uncover it themselves.

All gifts are also operated by faith. John 7:37 says those who believe will receive and release the Spirit. Faith is always linked with a willingness to act for God. Unwilling to act, we never see how a thing is possible.

In other words, we will not receive faith for accomplishing God’s work, if we do not act… When people resist a positive idea, and refuse to get involved in doing anything, they become spectators. They watch from the sidelines, generally critical, never kicking any goals of their own. The people who say “yes’, and show a willing heart, to help, to work, to act, always find faith and reasons why it ‘can be done’.

Discerning of spirits gives knowledge of angels and their activities. In the early 80s our church experienced rapid growth. Literally hundreds of people were joining our church. We had also established other churches in the city. Each week on  a Friday afternoon the pastors of those churches and our own pastors came together to pray. One particular Friday angels were also present. I had never seen angels before or even sensed them as I did at that moment. They were doing something that day, but I couldn’t understand what it was. That night we held our weekly prayer meeting. Here again I was aware of angels. They were moving quickly around the room. They had rods in their hands. Again I didn’t have understanding of what they were doing. On Sunday in our morning worship service , once more angels were moving amongst the congregation. Finally it ‘clicked’. The rods in their hands were measuring rods. They were measuring our church! On Friday they had measured our leadership. On Friday night they had measured our prayer meeting. Now Sunday morning they were measuring our worship. The congregation were measured on the way in and on the way out of Church. Our attitudes, effectiveness, desires, faith, vision, vision and obedience were all under the scrutiny of God. I related this to the Church. We were excited. Others knew God was visiting us.

During these ‘discernings’, I did not actually ‘see’ an angel. I simply discerned that angels were present.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, Chapter: The Gifts of the Spirit, Revelation Gifts, 3. Discerning of Spirits, pg 86-87.


“… The speaker, Bob Mumford, asked people to stand if they felt the message had touched home and they wanted to receive from God.

We were at the back of the hall, not being particularly involved with the meeting. But both Chris and I did want to hear from God, so we stood. As soon as we did I was face to ace with an angel. His face was the most beautiful I had ever see. He was like a flame with a body. He was about the same height as I. His head turned to heaven. At the same time he drew a sword from his side. He lifted the sword, looked back in my face and let the sword fall on my shoulder in commissioning fashion. He then pronounced one word. ‘Ready.’ It was all over within seconds. I was breathless.

I knew it related to the time angels with measuring rods had visited our church. I also knew it related to our current building change-over plans. Within two weeks we received permission to proceed into our building.

My conclusion was that the angels had measured us to see if we were ready for greater growth. Then a tailor-made situation had been created for that. The new building was that situation. Although we saw the Council being the cause of delays, perhaps God had been waiting for us to be in a place where we could cope with greater growth. We operated far more effectively once in that new building. Our church planting exploded all over Australia and began to reach major cities around the world.

Understand when, why and what, God is doing. This is how we keep in step with Him. The discerning of spirits is how we achieve this.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, Chapter: The Gifts of the Spirit, Revelation Gifts, 3. Discerning of Spirits, 1994, pg 88.




All gifts of the Spirit are qualities that should be active in our lives as Christians. Some gifts are more active in us than others. These also seem more easily accessed. For me, the gift of faith is a major spiritual thrust, weaving its way through my whole Christian life.

Ever since I was born again I felt strong drawings to faith. I read everything I could lay my hands on about it.  I listened to preaching that filled me with faith in God.

The gift of faith is the ability to believe for positive results under impossible circumstances. It believes God will bring to pass things unheard of. The gift of faith makes things happen that would not otherwise have occurred. The gift of faith knows it has something before it even exists. It grants assurance that nothing is impossible. This gift lived in Joshua and Caleb concerning Canaan. It lived in David running to Goliath. It lived in Peter walking on water. It lived powerfully in him again speaking to a cripple at the Gate Beautiful telling him, ‘Rise and walk’.

The principles of faith must be grasped for this gift to be active.

The Word of God feeds this gift. Faith lives because of hearing the Word of God. Faith speaks. Faith creates things through speaking. Paul talks of the ‘word of faith’ which we preach (Romans 10:18). 2 Corinthians 4:13 refers to the Psalmist saying ‘he believed, therefore he spoke’. Faith’s first expression is speech. It prophesies something will come to pass. It commands things to happen. It speaks to circumstances, inanimate objects and situations, commanding changes. And changes happen. Faith gets the job done. Hebrews 11 attests bundantly to that. Fath hears the rhema of God, then acts. God shows complete contempt for those who hear the word of God, but do not believe it or act upon it.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 89-90.


“[Continued] The gift of faith is identified by unnatural boldness in prayer and preaching. It deals with others.

It is visionary. It views the future with absolute assurance and hope.

It thinks positively. It hates negativity.

It feeds on who we are in Christ and also our potential in Him.

It speaks to other people, to situations and often to itself.

Faith dreams and meditates on the finished results of prayer. It does not ponder anxieties.

It lifts others by inecting faith into their lives. It imparts the ability to believe and trust God.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 90.


“[Continued] Faith is smiling, happy and victorious; undefeatable. No matter how bad a situation becomes, no matter how much opposition arises, faith knows what it has will not be denied.

Faith already has the answer and knows it cannot help coming to pass.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 90.


“People receiving prayer should not do away with their medication. They should see their doctor. Let him verify the healing. Jesus told lepers to see the priests, so they could confirm their cleansing. (Luke 17:14).”– Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 91.


“Pretending doesn’t heal anyone. Faith does! Pretending only prevents real faith from growing. While pretending to have a faith bigger than it is, we hinder real faith from rising. Honesty is part of healing too.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 91.


“If people are not healed, do not accuse them of sin or of having insufficient faith. You may be the one with insufficient faith. Even Kathryn Kuhlman, one of Christendom’s greatest healing evangelists, said she did not understand all there is to know about healing. She never tried to justify why healing didn’t happen. To her, healing was a wonderful mystery… We shouldn’t reach conclusions about things we don’t understand.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 92.


“Faith is not the only reason people receive healing. Sometimes people have no faith at all. Yet they are healed. Sometimes those praying for them have little faith anything will happen yet healing takes place… Kenneth Hagin recognized the need for deliverance or healing by a fire in his hands…”– Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 93.


“We look for what we want out of life. ‘What’s in it for me? My rights. My great goal is to… This is my ambition’.

All of this builds self-centred lifestyles pointing us to destruction.

Luke 17:3 (NKJV) ‘Whosoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.’

Here is one of those extraordinary Biblical paradoxes only grasped by a spiritual perception… We are no longer motivated by selfish pursuit but by the desires of Christ. – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 98.


“The anointing should not be traded for anything.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 100.


“If our conversation is sick, the Spirit will be quenched. We may think we can just as we want and the Spirit will remain with us. This is untrue. Our lives must be ordered to walk the ways of God. Our conduct must please Him. The Spirit rests on the man or woman who lives this way; those who seek to serve God and others, rather than self.

Our lives are to be clean and holy. We are on a quest for purity. We live calm, restful lives because our hearts are just that. The Spirit walks with us because we have separated ourselves from the world. We are not soiled with this world’s dirt.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 100.


“My good friend and great Christian statesman Lester Sumrall, preaches annually in our church.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 105.




People falling over under the power of God has become common in Spirit-filled gatherings…

It is a phenomenon occurring throughout Scripture. In the garden of Eden God places Adam in a deep sleep as He forms Eve (Gen 2:21). Abraham, (Gen 17:17), Daniel (Dan 10:9), John (Rev 1:17) all fell before the Lord. We may imagine that this was an act of conscious worship. It may well have been, but both Daniel and John say that all their strength left them and they became like dead men. This indicates more than just falling down to worship. They collapsed before the Lord.

In 2 Chronicles 5:14, at the dedication of a new temple built by King Solomon, it is ‘filled with a cloud and the priests could not stand’ to carry out their ministry.

Saul, the persecutor of Christians, is knocked from his mount en route to Damascus…

… When soldiers approach Jesus to arrest Him for trial, they ask if He is the one they are looking for. He replies ‘I am’. All the soldiers ‘went backward and fell to the ground’ (John 18:6).” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 107-8.


“God wants us to enjoy supernatural happenings.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, 1994, pg 110.



  1. To say the Roman soldiers in John 18:6 were indwelt by the Holy Spirit is absurd! The Spirit hadn’t come yet – and never comes upon an unbeliever. (Rom 8:9)

  2. Ok old topic I know, but I see this, and I think there are aome good points here, some good spiritual understanding.

    Yet, I go over to another page, and read his comment that if we don’t tithe, we’re under a curse – completely unbiblical! So what’s going in? The Spirit book was written a long time ago. But it confuses me that someone who seems to be in tune with the Spirit and gifts has a pretty bad theology about money and giving.

    • Malachi 3:8-12 says,
      “Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me.

      “But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’

      “In tithes and offerings. YOU ARE UNDER A CURSE—your whole nation—because you are robbing me. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not drop their fruit before it is ripe,” says the Lord Almighty. “Then all the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land,” says the Lord Almighty.”

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