Joseph Prince Said What?

March 9, 2011

“It all began in1997, when I was on vacation with my wife, Wendy… I distinctly heard the voice of the Lord on the inside. It wasn’t a witness of the Spirit. It was a voice, and I heard God say clearly to me: “Son, you are not preaching grace.”

I said, “What do You mean, Lord? That’s a low blow. That’s a real low blow!” I added, “I’m a preacher of grace. I have been a grace preacher for years, and like most preachers, I preach that we are saved by grace!”

He said, “No. Everytime you preach grace, you preach it with a mixture of law. You attempt to balance grace with the law, like many other preachers, and the moment you balance grace, you neutralize it. You cannot put new wine into old wineskins. You cannot put grace and law together.” He went on to say, “Son, a lot of preachers are not preaching grace the way Apostle Paul preached grace.” He then ended emphatically with this statement that revolutionized my ministry: “If you don’t preach grace radically, people’s lives will never be radically blessed and radically transformed.”

That powerful word from the Lord jolted me, and I realized for the first time that I had indeed been preaching a grace message that was tempered with the law. I returned to my church with a strong mandate from the Lord and I began to preach grace radically.” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. vii-viii.


“You can imagine how this book has been brewing in my heart for many years now. If there is one book that I want to write on this side of heaven, this would be it, and I am so glad that you are now holding it in your hands. I believe this book will touch you and transform you. What the Lord said to me some 10 years ago about how lives will never be radically blessed and radically transformed without the radical preaching of grace is still reverberating strongly in my heart. This book is therefore about radically transformed by His grace and His grace alone.” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. viii-ix.


“Are you ready to be radically blessed and transformed by His grace and to give up on your own efforts to have success, wholeness, and a victorious life? I believe that once you begin to take this journey of discovering His radical grace, your life will never be the same again. My friend, you are destined to reign!

He has called you to be the head and not the tail. ” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. x.


“You are destined to reign in life. You are called by the Lord to be a success, to enjoy wealth, to enjoy health, and to enjoy a life of victory. It is not the Lord’s desire that you live a life of defeat, poverty, and failure.” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. 1.


“[Continued] If you are a businessman, God wants you to have a prosperous business. If you are a homemaker, you are anointed to bring up wonderful tchildren in the Lord. If you are a student, God wants you to excel in all your examinations. And if you are trusting the lord with a new career, He doesn’t just want you to have a job; He wants you to have a position of influence so that you can be a blessing and an asset to your organization!” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. 1.


“[Continued] Whatever your vocation is, you are destined to reign in life because Jesus is Lord of your life. When you reign in life, you reign over sin, you reign over the powers of darkness, and you reign over depression, over poverty, over every curse, and over every sickness and disease. You REIGN over the devil and all his devices!” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. 1.


“God’s ways are contrary to man’s ways. Man thinks that for God to bless him, he needs to deserve, earn, and merit God’s favor and belssing by his own efforts. Man thinks that God’s blessings are based on his performance and good works.

However, this is not God’s way. His way is not about achieving, but about receiving. he promised that when we receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness, we will reign in life. He did not say that when we ahieve grace and our own righteousness, we will reign in life.” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. 2-3.


“Do you realize that most people believe that one needs to work hard to achieve success in life? The world’s system of success is built on the twin pillars of self-effort and diligence. There are always some “laws” that you have to abide by and some “methods and techniques” that you have to keep on practicing before there can be any results. Most of the time, any result that you may get will start to fade once you cease to follow through with the prescribed methods and steps.

We have been taught to focus on achieving, on doing and on relying on our self-efforts. We are driven to “do, do, do,” forgetting that Christianity is actually “done, done, done.” The world tels you that the more you do, the harder you work, and the more hours you put in, the more success you will achieve. The world’s way is to nag you to work harder, to forget about attending church on Sundays, to spend less time with your wife and kids, and to spend more time in the office working through the nights, weekends, and holidays.” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. 4.


“I was fellowshipping recently with my dear friend Brian Houston, and he shared with me that his pet peeve when it comes to worship songs are songs which try to plead for what Jesus has already accomplished for us on the cross. I agree with Brian completely, and I think we all agree that Brian is someone who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to worship songs.” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. 5.


“There’s one crucial fact that you need to recognize about the two incidents of God’s fiery judgment — they took place in the Old Testament and before Jesus’ crucifixion. “Don’t just take it from me that God will not call down the fires of judgment on you today. See for yourself what Jesus Himself said about what Elijah did. Do you remember the time when Jesus wanted to enter a certain village in Samaria, but the people there refused to receive Him? When Jesus’ disciple saw that the people rejected Jesus, they said, ‘Lord, do you want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, just as Elijah did?’

Now how did Jesus respond to them? Did He say, ‘That’s a great idea! You are truly disciples who carry my heart’? No, of course not! Read you Bible. He turned to his disciples and rebuked them firmly, saying, ‘You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.’

My friend, the spirit of Jesus in the new covenant of grace is not the spirit of the old covenant of law during Elijah’s time.” – Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign, 2007, pg. 51-52.


“Does the Holy Spirit convict you of sin?

That is a very good question and the answer is really simple. Now pay attention to this because it will liberate you. The bottom line is the Holy Spirit never convicts you of your sin. – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 134.


“For generations, the body of Christ has been defeated and put under a constant siege of condemnation from the accuser because they believe wrongly that the Holy Spirit convicts believers of their sins.” – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 139.


“I give thank for God for my roots in the Word of Faith teachings. It is truly on the shoulders of great men of God like Brother Kenneth E. Hagin that we are able to see further into the Word of God today. Growing up, I learned a lot about faith from Brother Hagin who truly had a special revelation of faith from the Lord. I deeply honor and respect him for all that he has taught me.” – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 271.


“Because of Jesus’ finished work of the cross, He will never be angry with you nor rebuke you even when you fail.” – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 305.


“Today, God is all about blessing you with His grace – His undeserved, unearned, and unmerited favor – in every area of your life. Stop trying to deserve and earn your own acceptance before God with your own works and efforts. It will only frustrate the grace of God and nullify the effects of the cross in your life.

My friend, Jesus already finished the work. Believe with all your heart that it is not about what you need today, but about what has already been done and accomplished on your behalf.

Beloved, I have preached to you the gospel of Jesus Christ and am fulfilling the commission He gave me in 1997 to preach grace radically so that lives can be radically transformed. I know that if yoou believed this good news of His grace, your life has begun to be radically transformed, together with the countless believers around the world who have already been impacted by the Gospel Revolution.

I pray that this book has torn doown the fences of controversy that the enemy has erected around the teaching of God’s grace and gift of righteousness, so that you may indeed receive not just grace, but the “abundance of grace,” and receive not just righteousness, but the “gift of righteousness,” and start reigning in life. Start reigning over sin, over sickness, over condemnation, over financial lack, and over the curse of the law through the ONE, Jesus Christ.” – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 305.


“Beloved, I want to see you enjoying the safety of the covering of a local church where there is accountability and submission. This is where our blessings are tremendously multiplied.” – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 306.


It is all about Jesus and His finished work!

You are destined to reign through Him.

This is the secret to effortless success, wholeness, and victorious living! – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 307.


Believing first before seeing the evidence of what we are believing for is called faith.” – Joseph Prince, Believing is Receiving.


“He wants you to declare by faith that all is and shall be well with you, and to expect to see just that. And then, no matter how long you have had the problem, no matter how bad the experts say it is, an explosion of healing and restoration will take place, and you will receive what you are believing for!” – Joseph Prince, Believing is Receiving.


“Every time your faith is strengthened as you hear the Word, release it through your mouth to receive your miracle, for God’s Word is out to prosper you!” – Joseph Prince, God’s Word Is Out To Prosper You.


Beloved, God sent His Son to die for you. And Jesus gave you a blood-bought right to an abundant life full of meaning and purpose! He gave you a blood-bought right to walk in divine health all the days of your life! He gave you a blood-bought right to prosperity even when the economy goes down!

“You have all these things not because you deserve them, but because Jesus shed His blood and gave you the right to have them. All these blessings are yours today because God is for you! And if God is for you, who can be against you!” – Joseph Prince, God Is For You, Not Against You.


“But what came on Him was not just the whip stripping the flesh off His bare back, but your sicknesses and diseases. Each time He was whipped, every form of sickness and disease, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, bird flu and dengue fever, came upon Him. “The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.”

Today, healing is your right because Jesus has paid the price for your healing. So if the devil says, “You cannot be healed,” just declare, “Jesus has paid for my healing. Disease has no right to be in my body. I am healed in Jesus’ name!” – Joseph Prince, By Jesus’ Stripes You Are Healed.


Today, you don’t have to struggle for favor. Just release it by speaking forth God’s Word in faith. On your way to work, say, “God’s favor surrounds me as with a shield.” (Psalm 5:12) As you continue to speak God’s favor over your life out of a revelation of Jesus’ finished work, you will see more of it being released.

When I first entered the workforce, I began to declare the favor of God in my job. Every time I was given a new assignment, I proclaimed that the divine favor of God was on me. The company began to prosper and I was blessed financially. By the time I left the company to serve God full-time, my income had increased so that I was in the top 15 per cent of earners in my age group in Singapore.

Today, in your workplace or at home, begin to declare the favor of God by faith. Expect to receive preferential treatment wherever you are. Say, “I am surrounded with the favor of God because of Jesus’ finished work. I have favor before God and man!” And see God’s favor work for you!” – See The Favor Of God Multiplied In Your Life by Joseph Prince.


  1. tks so much for such teaching on freedom

  2. “By the time I left the company to serve God full-time, my income had increased so that I was in the top 15 per cent of earners in my age group in Singapore.”

    I wonder how much money Joseph expects to make once he is in heaven (that is, of course, assuming that he actually makes it to heaven).

  3. Wow thank you so much Pastor Joseph Prince for such insightful revelations!

  4. I have been transformed by the New Covenant established by Jesus Christ. Lord, I thank you for pastor Prince, Steve Mcvey, Watchman Nee, Norman Grubb, Nerida Walker, EW Kenyon and “all the good people that travelled with You”!

  5. I encourage everyone to compare Joseph Prince’s teaching and other preachers on this site to the bible. I do not endorse Jospeh Prince.

  6. are criticisms always bad…if there is truth than truth will stand in the light of scriptures. i am at times full of angst and amusement at our” weaknesses”..our wanting and need of “effortless success”, our needs and wants of curing of every diseases and sickness..it will be wonderful by the way. i have read many comments and watch youtube like peter young, walter martin and others. anyway i was pleasantly surprise that Ps prince suggested that eating communion is “anti-sickness and anti-ageing” (paraphrased). maybe should try it out or maybe there is another way in book of james where it said clearly that anointing with oil with prayers brings healings???those in new creation church might want to suggest to your pastor? is clearer and direct…effortless healings..ya…think about it…actually if u dont eat enuff communion and u r sick, ur skin sag, ur hair becomes silvery and the hair on hair start migrating southward. pls dont say Ps prince didnt teach that partaking commuion helps…but i really like to see him heal those who r blind, those without limbs, think about it and suggest again to Ps Prince about performing healings in the worship services..will glorify God..dont u think so?anyone i believe and sincerely hope those will be kind to enuff ot think about it….is our destiny

    • So much doubt…so much presumption ….so little belief about the magnitude and magnificent love of God. Eph 3:18-19… all in context. Mat 23….. JESUS rebukes the religious institutions of men. If I choose to listen to someone talk about God then they need to be holding up JESUS. Pastor Prince is lifting up the name of Jesus unlike most pastors and the good fruit is undeniable!

      • eric friend,
        Do u think the bereans in the book of Acts are childed when they examined the scriptures to see if apostle paul is telling the truth..pls read.
        i see many hold Ps J.prince as holding out the truth. We could argue and nothing good will result. i suggest u look at the interview of joseph prince in the youtube in america. also the interview of prince and joel osteem. Ps prince seems to be in agreement with joel osteen.
        will appreciate if u check out the youtube of john piper, john macarthur, david wilkision on the preaching of joel osteen.
        my friend we r in perilous times. i hoppe with sincerity that u check out that Ps prince is a believer of kenneth hagin teachings. its roots is not based on biblical christianity but on new age beliefs wrapped with christian scriptures, singing, and rituals.
        u may choose to ignore. but u will do well to check if u r truly a man who seek truth and God. treat me as another ignorant man if all i am saying is not the truth. thks. May u be gracious to me.

      • Thank you for your reply Ken. I watched the origins and errors video on Joel Osteen as well as the others you mentioned. Here’s what I heard. A man speaking a form of godliness but denying it’s power. A man arguing and contending a position based on theology. I stopped the video at every scripture quotation and then read the scripture in context. He’s doing the same exact thing he’s accusing JO of doing. Watch it again…see if I am mistaken. The challenging part is to read God’s Word without the theology, but rather in the Spirit. I say this because theology is the “systematic and rational study of religion and its influences and of the nature of religious truths, the learned profession acquired by completing specialized training in religious studies, usually at a university or school of divinity or seminary”. The Pharisees, teachers of the law, etc…were theologians as well, and fell o so short of the truth. READ Matthew 23. (Actually Mat 23 says it far better than I ever could) Anyways I don’t “follow” JO…this isn’t a defense of him, JP or anyone else. I am secure in the finished work of Jesus not because of me but because of Him.

        The church has had major differences every 5 centuries (theological differences in every case). The last being Protestant/Catholic. The “protest” of this video is nothing new…the Catholic Church cried heresy and false teachings too…and the majority of “christians/catholics” trusted their institution of religion…while they stood by like Saul and watched the theologians put to death more than a few Protestant teachers. So now Its been 5 centuries since “followers of Christ” last saw a major split. Here’s my question for you. Does the bride of Christ gain new revelation and understanding and knowledge of God and His ways? ie His plans, purposes, character. The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

      • hi eric
        thank you for ur reply and willingness to engage. I want to say i agreed with the fact that theology, that is the study of God, is unfruitful when it is united with the Holy Spirit enlightenment.Point taken.
        The fact we know that we r set free by Christ’s finished work is from the readinng or studying of scripture thru the light of the Holy Spirit inspiration.If one has the Spirit and no Word he is a like a wild fire and if one has only the Word he is just a light but does not burn and infect others of Christ’s love and redemption plan.Therefore it is important that both of mentioned should be presence n growing.without one it is legalistic and without the other there is a danger of chaos. God is a God of order and not chaos in the Book of Corinthians.
        Was paul a man of God’s Word? is he a man full of God’s spirit? Does he judge? of course he did, otherwise he wont be correcting the wrong perceptions and doings of the early church that he planted. Paul vehemently defended the True Gospel.Look up in Galatians and paul’s sharp rebuke. He said those who preached another gospel “let him be condemn!”
        Eric if u truly a seeker of God and his truth. i Encourage u to press in and press on…many kinds of teachings has crept into the church. The Word and Faith teaching has its roots in new age which is demonic in nature. if anyone claims and believe in this teaching..its time u have to be awaken.Press in friend.

      • Thank You! Unbelief is disgusting and it’s all over this page. Thanks for standing up for Prince and the Gospel of Grace!

  7. Ken,

    I feel like you are all over the place in your response. I was hoping you might answer the question I posed, however I will stay with you in this for a time. I concur that we know we are set free by both His Word and His Spirit. If my last reply somehow intoned that then i missed the mark. I suppose I could make a case that for most of the last 2000 years, christians like you and I did not have the written Word to consult…we had priests and teachers that spoke it.We had fellowship with others that demonstrated it…but I digress. Ps Prince does correct, like Paul, and does rebuke. He corrects (and occasionally rebukes ) the flock quite often…but he does it in love and He does it with the Word and Spirit. Does that mean he is infallible ? No. No man is, pastor or otherwise. Thats why I follow Jesus…not Paul,nor Apollos nor Joseph Prince. As to your comment about the “word and faith” movement having roots in new age…demonic…etc. I go back to my previous reply…The mainstream christians in the 1500’s also made claims about the roots of the Protestant movement being rooted in demonic forces. Were they correct ? Are you a protestant ? BTW The claim you are making ( by your statement) was also made against Jesus by the religious folk. Mat 9:34, Luke 11:15, Mk 3:22 . I’ve now posed 3 questions to you…it is your perfect right not to answer any or all of them, however I think they are fair questions. Your statement “…if you truly are a seeker of God….” is just flat out disturbing. It’s much too similar to the language in Mat 4:3. And Yes, according to God, my Father, I am His Son…. Ro 8:14-15, Gal 3:26; 4:6 John 1:12, Eph 2:19 1 Thess 5:5. Now may the Lord of Peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. *2 Thess 2:16

    • Eric

      thks for the reply.For my benefit what are your questions? i tot i would only answer to questions that are helpful.
      are pharisees theologians?yes. Are all pharisees mistaken?No. why? John chapter 3. nicodemus is a pharisees.Another pharisees which jesus “..you are not far from the kingdom of God ” in the gospel.
      R protestant wrong?No. The reformation is the act and purpose of God.
      R there heresy in the church before? yes..where catholicsim has perverted the true Gospel.Also in Galatians, 1 Timonthy, Revelation, Jude. False teachings came into the Church. R we to sieve and discern? yes. how then u ask?

      have u done a reading of the Word Faith theology? pls do.
      Word Faith theology is a based on positive confesssion..is it wrong? hmm… btw eric r u in the leadership position in new creation church?

      • hi Eric.

        like to ask a few questions?
        a) is it the Lord’s will that some christians remain poor materially?
        b) is it the Lord’s will that christian have to suffer much for their faith?
        c) is death a disease?
        d) is it the Lord’s will that christian should be healed of all sickness and diseases in this life time?

        all these questions and couple with your answers i may have an understanding of your beliefs. As for Ps prince i already have his answers.if im not mistaken his will be NO.NO.yes. Yes. correct me if im wrong
        But if your answers r the same the mainstream christianity will be in disagreement with you and your pastor.


      • Ken, you asked if I had done a study in the word of faith theology as a means to make your point…a presumption that theology is what a man should stand on. You actually make my point for me by revealing where u place credibility. JESUS is our source, our life, our being…theology is the false found darking of any

  8. Who claim to follow Jesus. HIS WORDS are true. You wrongly presume I am part of NCC leadership….I am a carpenter whom lives in the pacific northwest of the us. A man who did not earn anything good…a man whom most would consider a modern day leper…yet my creator saw fit to give His perfect Son as a ransom, as a sacfrice, that I might be redeemed to my true Father

  9. The “questions” you posed…you attributed my answers as well. Presumption…..
    pride. Ken, stop trusting in man …..and the pride of life

  10. I believe that’s if we are born again Christian , & our relationship with our Saviour is sooo close, why not ask the Lord Jesus Christ to reveal to each one of us about that teaching of grace! And only Him will give us FREELY the answer ! How many preachers make themself some money throught the FREELY gift thats been given to us by Our LOVING Father! We all been anointed by our Father, why not seeking Him & let Him reveal to us!

  11. I have been a christian since 1992, in 1997 I joined a church called Winners Chapel, under David Oyedepo, I remember I was so excited becuase of the way pastors preached. What I didnt realise was that they preach a mixture of law and grace. Law based on the ten commandments, that you have to earn your blessing from God. We were told if we went to church without an offering then we were no counted in the presence of God, if we did not pay our tithe then God left us at the mercy of the devourer, we were required to pay all manner of sacrifices as they believe God only answers at the alter of sacrifice, every January we were told to fast for 21 days. Sadly my spiritual life dried up, I became scared and began to hate God because in my heart I started seeing him as a money hungry God who only heard the prayers of the rich. In some conferences, Bishop Oyedepo would boast about his $150million wealth, and how we would not catch the reason why God blessed him until we understood how much he loves God. Everything was reversed, he would boast of his love for God and not of God’s love for him. After 14 years in this church, things got really bad for me, as much as I had faithfully paid my tithes, offerings etc, my life just dried up. I fell sick and lost my job, thats when I saw the true colors of this church, no one wanted anything to do with me, I was chased from the church, insulted. I left in fear because they preach that anyone who defies oyedepo will face God’s judgement. Then I read Joseph Prince’s book ‘Unmerrited Favour’. I am so thankful to God for the way he has revealed His grace in this book. My eyes were opened and I realised that Jesus Finished works on the cross mean that I am no longer condemed, cursed etc. For the first time I was introduced to Jesus and realised that He is actually a loving God and that he accomplished everything at the cross and that I qualify for God’s grace and favour because of what Jesus did for me on the cross. My life has now turned around, I am completely free of condemnation, I got a big job withing a few weeks of reading the book, its an international Job, I am blessed and above all, I have a very close relationship with God, a relationship that offerings, sacrifices, tithes could not buy. Yes, I pay my tithe but this time its to wroship God and not to tryy and earn his favour, because that came through Christ. God bless

    • I bless God for your life. I experienced something similar. I was walking in so much fear, fear that if I don’t serve God, soomething bad will happen, and I began to serve God out of fear not love. It came to a point that I got fed up, left ministry, didn’t want anything to do with God. Then a friend got me destined to reign by pastor prince and I saw christianity in a new light. How that it’s not about me, but about christ. God’s love grew in my heart, my relationship changed and now I’m back in church serving him with love and joy. The teaching of Grace. Places you above sin, and helps you to reign, and that’s what Pastor prince is preaching. I hope to hear him live in Nigeria some day. God bless his ministry.

  12. JP has some good teachings but I am concerned about the effect his wrong teachings. Not everyone should be a teacher.

    • True. Too many people who have gifts such as evangelism, teacher or encourager are forced or encouraged to be pastors. JP would be great as an encourager and not a pastor.

  13. lets all pray for jpand the correct teachings taken from gods word

  14. enough has been said

  15. Jesus says that if you love Him, that you will follow His commandments… How can anyone know Jesus’ commandments today outside of the Bible? Are we suppose to take people’s word on this or can they be found in the Scriptures? Do they mean something different to everyone or are these absolute commands that are given by Christ? Does anyone who follows Joseph Prince remember or even know about the time, when Jesus said to count the cost of following Him, and many turned away? Does Joseph Prince’s sermons sound like anything that ANYONE would turn away from? This type of Gospel tickles the ear (and the fancy).

  16. 2nd John 1:7
    For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

    8 Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we (who? The apostles) have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.

    9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.

    10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:

    11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

    This is all ear tickling. Read and study to show thyself approved…. then you won’t be led astray by false teachers such as this one.

  17. The problem today is the same age old problem that the early church had that paul preached about. When he said if anyone preaches another gospel let him be accursed,he was talking about the gospel of grace not the law which he in fact called the ministry of death, . The very word GOSPEL means too good to be true news!!! I guess we still need guys like Joseph Prince to remind us even today of that,and even today he still gets the same response as Paul did and even as Jesus did for that matter from the modern day pharisees.Ive been studying Gods word for 16 years ,almost every day ,sometimes 8 hours a day. I was radically born again ,so I have Gods spirit in me to teach me as well as the whole word ,IN CONTEXT , to go by. All I can say is Im a sinner and always will be. Why? Because I was born 1. I tried and tried to be what the law told me to be only to fail and be ashamed and them run away from God just like Adam did. Sin drove me away from God. After I learned the truth of what Joseph teaches I was free. Now when I sin I run to God ,Not away from him. I truely believe this is what the church needs to do The Greater things that Jesus talked about.I would just like to encourage people to put aside their previous teachings and carefully read their bibles again with an open mind. God bless all !!!

  18. Let the Holy Spirit help you to know and understand God’s Word..If we are looking for the truth,must let the Holy Spirit involve.If not we will never find the truth,we will run around with our human wisdom,human reasoning,human opinion.Only God is the Truth,every man is a liar.I like Joseph Prince’s teaching.It is good for me.
    Let peace of God guard your heart and your mind.

  19. Thank you very much for this highlights

  20. 23 But Jesus turned [n]away from Peter and said to him, Get behind Me, Satan! You are in My way [an offense and a hindrance and a snare to Me]; for you are [o]minding what partakes not of the nature and quality of God, but of men.

    24 Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone desires to be My disciple, let him deny himself [disregard, lose sight of, and forget himself and his own interests] and take up his cross and follow Me [[p]cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example in living and, if need be, in dying, also].

    25 For whoever is bent on saving his [temporal] life [his comfort and security here] shall lose it [eternal life]; and whoever loses his life [his comfort and security here] for My sake shall find it [life everlasting].

    26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life [his blessed [q]life in the kingdom of God]? Or what would a man give as an exchange for his [blessed] [r]life [in the kingdom of God]?

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