Sheralyn Bucknell Said What?

June 8, 2011

“[Points to C3 baptism pool] Look! This pool here – I call this pool the POOL OF POWER. It’s the pool of power because something really powerful happens. When all these people go down under the water, they’re under the water for just a moment. But this incredible, spiritual transaction happens in that moment. This incredible thing happens where the old life is buried and left behind. And they raise up out of that water in new life – RESURRECTION POWER OF CHRIST. The very power that raised Jesus from the dead is theirs as they come up out of that water.

So this [Points to pool] here is a pool of power. And I call it also the pool of great transaction, where people can leave behind their sickness, their sin, their despair and their hopelessness, their addictions – whatever it is they want to leave behind. That can stay [points at pool] in the water tonight. And up they come in the power of Christ, the power that raised Jesus from [applause starts] the dead.” – Sheralyn Bucknell, Ps Mark Kelsey: Financial Excellence – Tithing: 9:00, http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/ps-mark-kelsey-financial-excellence-tithing, 6pm, 29/05/2011.


One comment

  1. I never knew c3 taught baptismal regenration 🙂 catholic?

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