John Avanzini Said What? (II)

June 10, 2011

Note: This is from John Avanzini’s book, ‘30 60 Hundredfold’ (1989).

John Avanzini had an encounter with a ‘Jesus’ in Nigeria, Africa. It was this Jesus that he preached in Nigeria in Africa, preached back on the airwaves in the USA, and today also preaches in South-East Asia.

This book (among other of Avanzini’s books) are also promoted by Phil Pringle in his colleges.  These quotes are for the purpose of critique and review. I managed to have obtained one of these books, from the C3 College Library chuck out bin because it was damaged. In 2008 to 2009, C3 was giving away outdated or damaged Christian books to their C3 students. Avanzini’s Jesus is the Jesus that Phil Pringle gets his teachings from. The evidence is in comparing the teachings of Avanzini in this book with Pringle’s book ‘Keys To Financial Excellence’ (which I will be posting up alongside Avanzini’s book so viewers can compare the similarities). This segment is for the purpose of critique and review.


1 God Came Into My Room

[I came] not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.
I Corinthians 2:4

God wants to reveal Himself to you in the miracle of the hundredfold financial increase. This is probably the boldest statement I have ever made in print. With it I am declaring God’s desire to manifest Himself in your finances. Because of the extraordinary way in which He revealed Himself to me, I know the manifestation will be big and powerful.

The events I am about to share with you came to me during my most personal experience with God to date. To reveal these things in print is the last thing I ever thought I would do.

If you are to fully understand the signs and wonders God has been performing since the encounter I had with Him, I must share something very personal that took place the first time I ever visited the African continent. [<- pg. 7]

I have experienced several manifestations of God’s presence during my life. However, I must say none has been as dramatic as the visitation I had in the nation of Nigeria. My spirit is always stirred when I travel back there, for it was in Nigeria that God appeared to me in a supernatural way.

I was there at the invitation of an international evangelist. He had asked me to help him with the teaching in a great school of ministry he was conducting.

Getting my visa caused me to arrive at the meeting a day late. It was a Tuesday, and the day’s teaching session was already in progress. The building was so full that many people had to stand.

As I entered the side door, I was immediately impacted by the overwhelming presence of God. It was as if a great heat was emanating from the room. When I felt it, I immediately stepped back outside. As I considered what this strange feeling was, I realized it was the warm glow of the Holy Spirit. His presence was everywhere. The entire building was filled with the anticipation of the people.

Not long after I arrived, a second speaker was introduced. As he spoke, the same presence once again filled the room. With each word, the people’s faith grew. Suddenly I realized that in an atmosphere like that, nothing would be impossible.

When this speaker closed his dynamic teaching, I was called to the pulpit and introduced to the people. At this time I was told I had been allocated two hours to speak. This would be the first of four, two-hour sessions I would be teaching in that meeting.

No sooner had I begun to speak than the presence of the Holy Spirit lifted from the room. All I could hear was my own voice, laboriously speaking. The words of my neatly prepared lesson notes were hollow sounding to say the least.
Now don’t misunderstand me. I was delivering powerful [pg. 8] information to the people. But there was no real power in the way I was delivering it.

The faces of the congregation were noticeably changed. The look of anticipation they had worn a few moments earlier was now a look of disappointment. Where had the powerful presence of God gone? Where was the spirit of deliverance that had been so evident just a few moments earlier?

I spoke for what seemed to me to have been at least two hours. However, when I looked at my watch, only fifteen minutes had passed! Worse than that, the second hand was still moving. The watch had not stopped running. I still had an unbelievable one hour and forty-five minutes left to speak.

Every cell in my body knew I would never be able to last that long. And even worse, I knew that under no circumstances could my audience last that long.

Finally, when half an hour had passed, I excused myself from the pulpit. I explained that my long journey had left me totally exhausted. I promised I would be back the next day, filled with new energy and the abundant power of the Holy Spirit. When I left the platform, the only sigh of relief that was louder than my own came from the congregation.

Now I had to face the ugly facts. I was out of place among the speakers on the program. They each possessed a power from God that I had never experienced.

Throughout my previous eighteen years of ministry, I had never before been confronted with anything like this. I had always preached and taught with a strong oratory style. I had never before in my life bombed out, but bomb out I [pg. 9] did. My teaching was a complete bust.

As I went to my room, the words of my host rang in my ears. I vividly remembered the conversation that had taken place between us just two years earlier. It was at that time that I had asked him to allow me to accompany him to the foreign field to assist with the teaching. His reply had seemed very strange to me.

“John, anyone who goes with me to the foreign field, must have a breakthrough ministry.”
I immediately asked, “What is a breakthrough ministry?” He asked one of his associates to explain it to me. This kind brother began to tell me of the absolute necessity for the presence of the Holy Spirit when teaching in third-world nations. He explained that in most of these countries, our sessions would be the only formal training our students would ever receive. Because of this, it would be essential for the Holy Spirit to confirm the things that were taught with signs and wonders. If this didn’t happen, my teaching would be of no value to them.

I must confess, at the time I believed both the evangelist and his associate were trying to impress me with their spirituality. I was confident that my great preaching and teaching skills would be just as effective as theirs.

Two years earlier, their words had seemed like an exaggeration. That night as I sat in my dirty room, in a less-than-fine hotel, I understood perfectly what they were trying to tell me.

Here I was in Nigeria with my request answered. I was on the teaching staff with this great evangelist, but I was powerless. We had all preached the gospel that day. They [pg. 10] had preached with the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit, while I had only given out Bible information. They had shaken the place with their words. The only thing I had shaken was my confidence.

Needless to say, my first night in Africa was a living hell. Try as I might, I could not fall asleep. I was in a land that was ten time zones earlier than my hometown, but it was not jet lag that was keeping me awake. I could not sleep because my spirit was out of its comfort zone. I knew exactly what the problem was. It was my preaching. It was void of God’s power.

That night I repented, I prayed, I tossed and turned, but nothing helped relieve my heart’s pain. I prayed for God’s power. I prayed I would be miraculously released from the responsibility of teaching the next day. I prayed to go home. I prayed I would disappear. I even foolishly prayed that I would get sick and die.

As the sun began to rise that Wednesday morning, I was aware of my spiritual bankruptcy as never before.

Without exaggeration, I can say the only teaching I have ever done that was worse than my teaching on my first day in Africa was my teaching on the second day. To say it stank would be a compliment.

Although I bombed out a second time, I was aware that something inside of me had changed. I did not leave the platform in despair that second day. I left it with renewed determination. I had an inner conviction that I would have power with God the next time I stepped into that pulpit.

At the close of the session, I went directly from the auditorium to my room. I immediately fell to the dirty floor [pg. 11] and began praying with all my might. Again and again I approached God’s throne. “Oh, God! Give me a breakthrough ministry! I must have signs and wonders following the words you have given me.”

I will always remember the name of that hotel in Abba, Nigeria. The Crystal Park Hotel is forever branded in my memory. It was neither grand nor prestigious, but it was the place where God visited me. It was the place where He electrified my message of biblical economics with power.

As I prayed, suddenly something outside the scope of my experience began to happen. God visibly manifested Himself to me. Out of a bright, concentrated light He began to speak audibly to me. He said He had heard my prayer. He told me He was going to give me the breakthrough ministry I had asked for. However, this promise would be conditional. The condition was that I would have to strictly obey Him in the operation of this gift.

I quickly answered, “Yes, Lord. I will do whatever you tell me to do.”

Immediately He told me He had set me apart for the purpose of bringing the end-time message of biblical economics to the Church. He promised He would be giving me many other startling revelations. From that day on, I would teach a very special end-time message. He also said that at the end of my teaching session the next day, I was to take an offering. He promised He would miraculously reveal Himself through this offering with unmistakable signs and wonders.

The next words I heard came out of my own mouth. They totally shocked me. I said, “But, God, my host said there would be no offering taken until the day after [pg. 12] tomorrow!”

What a strange thing for me to say to God, especially after I had just promised to explicitly obey Him. Now here I was arguing with Him. I was greatly impressed with the fact that He did not become angry with me. He simply repeated His previous instructions.

“John, if you want to have a breakthrough ministry with signs and wonders following, you must obey me!”

I said, “Oh, God, please forgive me. I will do exactly as you say.”

Immediately, He totally and completely forgave me. It was as if I had never even protested. I knew in my heart that not only had He forgiven me, but He had forgotten I had ever argued with Him.

He went on to reveal a truth to me that was almost unknown in the earth. At first it sounded unscriptural to me. He said, “I usually am not able to multiply back to my children the money they give to me.”

I asked, “Why not? Throughout your Word you say you will.”

“John, I know my Word says I will, but I can do so only when my people give correctly. I cannot multiply anything back to them that they have given improperly.

“My people usually make two great mistakes when they give to me. First, they seldom give the exact amount I tell them to give. John, tell my people I cannot multiply back to them that which they give to me in disobedience. If I did that, my action would sanction disobedience.”

[pg. 13] Then He said something I was not ready for. He said, “My people often give more than I tell them to give. After I tell them how much to give, sometimes the person taking the offering will put undue pressure on them. This sometimes causes them to disobey me and give more than I told them. When I tell my children how much to give, they should never increase that amount because of pressure. Raising the amount of their offerings because of pressure is an act of disobedience to my Word. It is giving preference to the words of the man who is putting them under pressure instead of giving preference to the words I have spoken.”

He went on to explain that His people can give more than He instructs them to give if they do so out of love for Him. He is always greatly blessed by people who give this way. They are the people He referred to when He said He loves cheerful givers (2 Corinthians 9:7).

“There is a second thing my people do when they give that stops me from giving back to them. Most of the time they give to me without desiring a specific result from me. They are not really expecting anything back from their gift. John, the multiplication of money back to the giver is always accomplished by a miracle. All miracles operate by faith. When my people give without a desired result in mind, they do not give in faith.”

He then spoke to me from Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for…. It is impossible to give to me in faith unless you are expecting to receive something from me in return.

“Tell my people they must always follow these two important steps when they give. First, they must always give the amount I tell them to give. Second, they must give it with full expectation of receiving it back from me [pg. 14] multiplied. Every offering must be given in obedience and faith.”

The next thing God said to me has proven to be the most phenomenal thing in my ministry. It is greater than I can even comprehend. I literally stand humbled before God by the immense power of it. Each time it happens, I always give Him all the glory, for it is totally beyond my own abilities.

He said, “I am going to attach signs and wonders to your ministry. I will do this as long as you preach my Word and strictly obey me. These great signs and wonders will begin tomorrow. When you teach the people these two principles, you will also allow everyone who will obey them to give in the special offering I have instructed you to receive. Clearly direct anyone who cannot be obedient not to give anything.

“Those who feel they qualify for this special offering must agree to one more thing. They must believe with you, that when you lay your hands on the offering, I will multiply it back to them one hundredfold.

“The prayer you will speak when you lay your hands on the offering must not be a long prayer. Just speak that the offering before you will be multiplied one hundredfold. Speak this prayer in the name of Jesus. That is your only part in the miracle. My part will be to miraculously multiply back a hundredfold increase to those who obey.

“When you have prayed, do not be discouraged by those who say they did not receive the hundredfold increase. Only I know who has given in obedience and in faith. Carefully look and listen, for there will be many who will receive the hundredfold. It will be the obedient ones [pg. 15] who will encourage you.”

With that said, the presence of God began to leave the room. Once again I cried out uncontrollably, “God! can’t we wait to do this at a time when I am in front of a smaller crowd of people?”
Without arguing, He answered, “John, I will be multiplying the money, not you. I can save one or one million with the same word. My words are creative. Just go and do as I said. I will do the rest.”

As the light of His presence left the room, I could see that dawn had once again come to the city. It was Thursday, my third day in Africa, but it was a significantly different day. This was the first day of God’s new breakthrough miracle anointing on my ministry.

On my way to the teaching session, I was nervous, to say the least. My host had clearly said there was to be no offering taken that day. But my God had said there would be one taken. He had made it clear that it would not be just another offering. It would be a very special one.

These thoughts of the offering were not my only source of anxiety as I rode to the meeting. I had to face the continuing pressure that awaited me at every intersection along the route. The car assigned to drive me back and forth was on its last leg. Nothing on it seemed to work, not even the brakes. Each time we came to a stop sign, my driver would have to rebuke the oncoming traffic. Miraculously, we had arrived safely each day. Now on this special day, there seemed to be a close encounter at every intersection. By the grace of God, we made it to the meeting without incident. [pg. 16]

I entered the building and stepped up to the pulpit. My appearance before the crowd brought no great anticipation to their faces. However, as I began to speak, they quickly changed. It was immediately evident that there was a new anointing upon me. Each word of my message was filled with power. The air began to fill with the presence of God. It was absolutely wonderful. In that moment, I promised myself I would never again stand before any congregation without this power. I had taken a drink from the cup of God, and the new wine was wonderful!

As I began to conclude my message, the high praises of God were upon everyone’s lips. Then I made the announcement. I simply said, “God has instructed me to take a special offering this morning.” Immediately a hush fell over the audience. All eyes turned to the host evangelist. Everyone was waiting to see his reaction! He stood to his feet and said, “John, if God told you to take a special offering, go ahead and take the offering!”

There it was! God had clearly born witness to the man of God! With his approval given, I quickly told them who would be allowed to give in this offering. I explained the two great hindrances that were keeping the Lord from multiplying their previous offerings back to them.

When I was sure everyone understood the two requirements for proper giving, I told them there would be a miraculous manifestation of the one hundredfold increase to everyone who would join their faith with mine. I rehearsed to them that I would lay my hands on the offering and speak the few words God had instructed. I clearly told them this miracle would come to everyone who would give in obedience and faith.

The ushers had barely started collecting the offering [pg. 17] when the little salad bowls they were using were filled to capacity. This caused a brief moment of confusion among the ushers. What a miracle! Ninety percent of the congregation had not yet given, and the offering plates were full and overflowing.

Then an enterprising young African man solved the problem by going to the dormitory and getting two pillow cases. Enthusiasm began to grow. Row after row of excited donors placed their money into the offering. After what seemed too long, the ushers finally came forward with the two pillow cases almost full to the top. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! They were used to filling only salad bowl sized offering plates, but under the anointed teaching, they had filled two pillow cases!

I asked everyone to rise and extend their hands toward the offering. As I opened my mouth and began to pray, a loud voice cried, “Wait! Don’t pray!

You can’t imagine the thoughts that ran through my mind. I just knew a terrible thing was about to happen. To my left I saw a man moving quickly toward me. I thought, “Oh, no. He must want his money back!”

But instead of asking me to return his money, he wanted to put more money into the bag. He began to empty his pockets saying, “I almost did not give the amount God told me to give.”

Why, I had never in all my life seen anything like this. Someone actually stopped the offering so he could put in more money!

Once again we bowed our heads to pray. As soon as my eyes were closed, I heard another voice cry out. “Wait! [pg. 18] Don’t pray!” Each time I tried to pray, more and more people came forward crying, Don’t pray! I haven’t given what God told me to give!”

Finally, the evangelist rose to his feet and extended both hands toward the congregation. He said, “Stop the giving!”

In all the years of my ministry, I had never heard anyone give the order to stop an offering. I had only read of it in the Bible.

I glanced at my watch and noticed that over an hour had passed since I first started to pray. Both pillow cases were now jammed full. Watches, rings, money, and articles of clothing were ankle deep on the floor around me. I closed my eyes and said, “Be multiplied one hundredfold in the name of Jesus.”

As I walked away, the joy of the previous moment was instantly snatched away from me. The presence of the Holy Spirit lifted just as quickly as it had come. All I could feel was the horrible presence of evil all around me. My ride back to the hotel was a half-conscious experience. Brakes failed, accidents almost happened, but I was unaware of the events of our journey.

The devil had come to sift me. He was lashing out foul accusations. He told me I was a failure, and the evangelist would never again invite me to go anywhere with him. He said I had tricked the people into giving more than they should. He told me many of them would have to go without food, lodging, or transportation. He repeatedly accused me of being a charlatan and an exploiter of the innocent. He convinced me I had given them nothing more than false hope. I was defeated. All I could pray was that God would quickly take me out of Africa. [pg. 19]

The morning light found me still awake, wishing I was home. I answered the knock on my door that Friday morning with dread. I did not want to face that congregation again. Reluctantly I opened the door expecting the worst. Instead I saw my driver standing there with a broad smile on his face. His only words to me were, “Come see!”

As I followed him down to the front door of the hotel, I must honestly say I did not want to see anything else in Nigeria. All I really wanted to see was my home back in the United States.

When we came to the parking area, my driver led me to a brand new car. I looked at it and immediately said, “Thank God they finally got us a decent car to ride in!”

Then my driver said, “Brother John. You don’t understand. God gave me this car last night. It is mine! It is my hundredfold return! It happened just as you prayed it would.”

My faith immediately skyrocketed! The miracle of the hundredfold blessing had actually happened to this man in less than twenty-four hours!

On the way to the meeting, he eagerly told me of the previous night’s visit to his lost uncle’s house. The uncle was a very rich man. Before that visit, he had never shown any interest in his nephew. However, that night things were different. After a wonderful evening of fellowship, his uncle totally surprised him by giving him the new car we were in. It was an absolute gift, with no strings attached. The wealth of that lost uncle was miraculously transferred into the hands of that child of God. It had happened just as God had told me it would. [pg. 20]

Before that year was over, my Nigerian driver and his family came to the U.S.A. He stood before the church I pastored and gave personal testimony of his hundredfold increase. He also brought with him a list of the names of many other Nigerians who had received the miracle of the hundredfold increase from that meeting.

Since that great day in Africa, I have ministered this miracle increase offering in churches across America. It has also been demonstrated in Canada, England, Europe, South Africa, Nairobi, Brazil, Asia. It has been witnessed by thousands through national television. Every time this message is spoken, the results are the same. Many are miraculously blessed with the hundredfold increase. The churches I speak this increase in always invite me back to speak again. I meet people in airports, at conventions, and on the street who say they have received the hundredfold increase. Everywhere the report is the same. Praise the Lord, it works!

It is always interesting to see the different amounts God tells people to give. One person in Florida was told to give $20,000. A man from Los Angeles gave $10,000. A businessman from the Philippines gave $100,000. Many give $1,000. This seems to be a very common amount. Some folks give five or ten dollars. The amounts vary greatly, but from person to person, I hear the same thing again and again. “It works. We received the one hundredfold increase.”

As I said earlier, I was hesitant to write this chapter. Even as I started, I felt it was too personal to put into print. I felt it would be too easily misunderstood. Then, halfway through writing it, I received a phone call. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard who was on the other end of the line. [pg. 21]

It was my driver from Nigeria. He was the first man who ever experienced the hundredfold increase when I laid my hands on his offering. He said he was on a short visit to the U.S.A. and felt impressed to call and say hello. While he was on the phone, we talked about the miracle automobile he had received.

When I hung up the phone, I knew God was telling me the time was right to put the miracle of the hundredfold increase in writing.
I must say again that these great miracles, signs, and wonders do not come forth by my own power. I give God all the glory each time they happen. I simply obey Him, laying my hands on the offering and speaking the few words He has instructed me to say.

As always, I stress to the giver not to feel any pressure to give more or less than God says to give. This is very important. Some people have told me that they gave less than the amount God told them to give, and absolutely nothing happened.

The people who report they have received the hundredfold increase always confirm they did two things. First, they gave the amount God told them to give. Second, they stood in faith, without wavering, believing God for an increase.

Since writing this chapter, I have instructed my staff that every letter that comes to my office asking for the miracle prayer of the hundredfold increase must come to my desk so that I can personally lay my hands on it. I have stressed to them that I must personally speak the hundredfold increase over each and every one of these letters that I receive. [pg. 22]

Now that you know the testimony behind this revelation, I do hope the contents of this book will be of great help to you. In the closing chapter you will find an invitation for you to participate in the hundredfold return. Read the book carefully, follow God’s instruction in giving, and I will faithfully pray the hundredfold increase for you.– John Avanzini, 30 60 Hundredfold, Chapter 1:
1 God Came Into My Room, http://innermanpublications.info/30%2060%20Hundredfold.pdf, 1989, pg 7-23.



  1. this is encouraging, thank you. God bless you John

  2. I read the entire article and all I see (or hear)is about John and money and NOTHING about the Gospel. Nothing about repentance from sin….a false gospel which is not a gospel at all….How is this e”encouraging” ? It is SAD !

    • that is totally true…nothing about the cross, the precious blood of our Lord Jesus, and His resurrection power….totally cult and false gospel.

  3. Jesus is Lord!

  4. saints of God must recognized that GOD’s word only work if only and if only we believe it and not doubt it. God’s financial plan has neither respect of person, nor regard for prayer and fasting, it only answers to principle of seeding and harvesting. God bless you brother John.

  5. Thanks you father for my hundred fold blessing in advance I believe and receive it in faith.

  6. Avanzini is a con-artist. He claims Jesus told him..

    “Most of the time they give to me without desiring a specific result from me. They are not really expecting anything back from their gift.”

    This is nonsense! The Bible does not teach that we are to give with “strings attached.” It is ludicrous!
    Then he claims he was told by the Lord…

    “When my people give without a desired result in mind, they do not give in faith.”

    More lies from the pit of hell. The REAL Jesus told us in Luke 14 that our giving was not to have strings attached as in the form of a “desired result” running through our minds, for

    “when you give a reception, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, since they do not have the means to repay you; for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

    Yes, we pray and make known our requests to Him, but the true Jesus of the Bible taught that we must NOT demand “repayment” in the here and now, but the bulk of our reward will await Judgment Day.

    Avanzini preaches, “another jesus and another gospel” per 2 Cor 11:4.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me how so many particularly in the western world are blinded from simple truths. Then I remember that so also were the pharises in Jesus’ days. Legalists and experts they were that many of them simply could not see.
    We in the so called ‘third world societies’ embrace God because we are hungry for Him. Consequently we see Him manifested frequently in our lives just like bible times. If it were not for this faith in the living Jesus we could never survive in our christianity and the harsh challenges we face daily.
    Do results occur by simply believing the kind of message avanzini preaches? Yes they do! We see them often and these results are not just on money matters but across the genre of life. We firmly believe this: every man’s work done in the vine yard will be tested by fire and their words judged too.
    So let the spiritual man judge all things and hold on to that which is truth. Otherwise let him be careful lest he be found to be judging before God’s set time of judgment. Meanwhile let every man continue in the assignment God has alloted him upon the face of the earth

    • Thank you brother, that is true. Forgive those that do not believe what Brother John taught. They mean well, but have not been taught all they need to know so they understandingly place God in a box. But what matters is that they recieve Jesus as Lord, even though they are ignorant of biblical finances. So you and I will receive their portion. lol. Bless God, if they don’t want it, we’ll take it.

  8. I believe this Word! What an awesome testimony. May I say that we should all be careful and watch what we speak especially about things we don’t fully understand, Jude vs. 10

  9. Thanks for this booklet on Miracle Money I have step out on faith and sent my offering to John Avanzini ministries and truly expect a hundredfold release.

    W. F. B, 25 Feb 2015

  10. How much goes into your pocket ,bet your not short of a dollar another Billy Graham conman

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