Chris Rosebrough Said What?

July 20, 2011

“If a person attends a church that doesn’t properly teach God’s Law AND Gospel but rather makes its evangelistic appeals by never discussing sin but instead says that Jesus will make a person’s life more satisfying (infomercial gospel), THEN that person does not know that they are a sinner who will face God’s judment and that Christ died for their sins and they need to repent and trust in Christ. That being the case, even if that person identifies themselves as a Christian, they have NOT truly been converted to the Christian faith.

The chart below will help demonstrate what I am saying. (Click on the chart to make it bigger)

Messages3If the reason that you associate yourself with Jesus is so that you can learn Biblical principles that will make your life more satisfying such as having a better career, less stress, better finances, and a better sex life then you’ve come to the WRONG JESUS and you are believing a Myth. (The Biblical Jesus hasn’t promised you any of those things). What is missing in far too many seeker-sensitive churches is the message of the cross, Christ’s atonement for sins, God’s just judgement against your evil and wicked behavior, repentance and trust in the promises of scripture regarding God’s mercy and forgiveness of sins won on the cross by Christ.

If there is no mention of sins, repentance and Christ Crucified for Sinners then the Biblical Gospel has not been preached (a false gospel has taken its place) and there are ZERO people truly being converted to the True Faith, regardless of how many thousands of people are filling the building.” – Chris Rosebrough, Am I saying…..?, http://www.extremetheology.com/message_of_the_cross/, 06/09/2007. (Accessed 17/09/2007)


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  1. Excellent post Jake………

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