Steve Munsey Said What?

July 27, 2011

“When you give your heart and you give it to God, where your treasure is, that’s where your heart is. And so you put your heart in your hand which is in the form of monetary- or money, or offering, and you say, ‘God! Here it is!’…” – Steve Munsey, GOD WANTS YOUR TAX RETURN (Pastor Steve Munsey on TBN), oo:08, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcyX2CCoLVk, Uploaded 30/04/2008. (Accessed 28/07/2011)


“Now this makes the devil mad but it makes God happy. God says, ‘If you stand before me and do not stand empty handed’, that’s kind of hard to tell people to come and give an offering to you when possibly that-that they’re going through hard times.

God said, ‘I created this nation that in the Spring of the year, there would always be seed in their hand with their income tax, so that it would be a seed that they would have because no man will be able to stand before me and say, ‘God! I never had anything to give’.” – Steve Munsey, GOD WANTS YOUR TAX RETURN (Pastor Steve Munsey on TBN), oo:21, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcyX2CCoLVk, Uploaded 30/04/2008. (Accessed 28/07/2011)


“God is saying, ‘Don’t look at the clouds! Don’t look at the storm! The kingdom dialogue is, is that if you give it shall be given. If you want to get out of trouble, start GIVING your WAY out of trouble.

I’m thinking about cash for you, that’s the deal. I’ve got cash on my mind cos it’s getting ready to happen to somebody.” – Steve Munsey, GOD WANTS YOUR TAX RETURN (Pastor Steve Munsey on TBN), oo:54, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcyX2CCoLVk, Uploaded 30/04/2008. (Accessed 28/07/2011)

Provided Documentation

Provided Documentation


  1. Munsey is a prosperity pimp, he uses God to make money for his own selfish needs. The only one getting rich is him and his plastic surgery crazy wife. He surely doesn’t help anyone in his congregation, yes after 55 years of service to that ministry my Mom passed away without even a phone call or card to my Dad from Munsey. And if you bothered to read the Bible you would know that Munsey has twisted the word of God so horribly that it is now an evil message. Wake up people….before it is to late.

    • Pam, I am Steve. I am sorry about this—-my wife passed also. I would leave my email, but I think someone else would get it besides U. I wrote something here today, (Feb23 2013) God will repay Munsey

  2. I’m watching Steve Munster on ‘God’ TV right now. He’s a phoney, Rory and Alec are phonies, and so is their whole ‘God’ TV set-up. Where does all the money go? No one knows. Why is that good Christians who would never be conned by Scientology or Sun Myung Moon fall into the clutches of these evil, evil men (and women)?

  3. I do not know Pam…just read her comments… I already love her !Munsey is from Hell. They will all recognize him when he arrives down there to stay.. Mt 7 Words of Jesus, not me..

  4. Jim, GOD has been watching Munsey ….they are in the throws of filing bankruptcy. Is this a wise steward?

  5. Pam… I think that I must be somewhere between insane and fed-up… But sometimes i think that I am also correct… There is NO Gospel in Munsey..NONE !… My elders and my wife tell me to just turn off the T. V .They say that I am too “eat up” with these nuts. But , my soul, why won’t anyone hold these “blind guides” accountable ? So glad that you have spoken.

    • Jim,
      We do not allow these television shows on in our home…we are to protect our homes from evil. I have learned that we must speak truth and expose speakers of falsehoods for who they are. Then keep on walking and trust that GOD will water the seeds of truth we have planted and deal with the evildoers……..pray many blessings for you and your family.

  6. Thank you Pam. We pray the same for all of you and yours.

  7. Im a Christian who believes God blesses us, but Steve Munsey is a phoney. Went to talk to him after a service, and bodyguards stopped me. Then he said it would be 50$ to see TD Jakes at his church—Jesus never charged $50. Love Copelands, K Moore and J Duplantis, but Munsey & Christian Hills Full Gospel Church are foul. What U gonna do about it?
    Undaunted SLabriola (watch yourselves)

    • Steve Labriola my email is pgriffey@hotmail.com you can contact me there.

  8. S Munsey also tried to steal land from Frank’s Auto, Lynwood, for church expansion. He is a crook. Speaking of crooks, “Resident” from the Crestwood blog (forum) says former Crestwood Mayor Chester Stranczek is a crook—-and a coward. He is also a clown, and an ass. He told my wife & I we could not operate our J&S cleaning business out of our condo. We told him that was too bad, but we were going to do it anyway, and we did. Some other clowns from the condo’s “management” company EPI then tried to harass us, and we taught them a lesson. (The big fat bald guy with the wrench probably now uses wrenches for what they were intended, instead of threatening people with them. Hear that, Elmore? Care to tango?)
    My Mom attended Eisenhower High School with Stranczek, whom she described as self-centered. Apparently he’s also a deceitful criminal; my wife passed from cancer after living in Crestwood 16 years. I do not know whether or not her passing was from Chester’s tainted Crestwood IL water (qv.), but I will say his idle threats were ineffective. Like EPI’s. U do not threaten a man & woman’s livliehood, and U can beat city hall when it’s run by cartoon characters. I was a former BIPD officer, and I also forced the resignation of four corrupt Christian Hills Full Gospel Church (Orland) pastors, so I was prepared for the likes of Stranczek & crew. And, thank the Lord, my wife was prepared for eternity.
    PS CSNY sang “Open up the gates of the church and let me out of here…..” They were right because so many churches are corrupt, but these are misrepresenting God. Try giving Him a chance by directly petitioning Him, if hypocrites have discouraged you, and if U seek a sincere relationship with God.

    Stranczek is fit for interview
    Posted in the Crestwood Forum P 6

  9. Two years later, Steve Munsey is still at it, raising millions of pounds for God TV. We never hear how much they raised. We never know where – or to whom – the money goes. It can’t be to broadcast programmes – because a majority of the ‘programmes’ are… yes, you’ve guessed it… more demands for more money. Like Scientology, Munsey & his fellow shysters on God TV are only interested in one thing: the mighty pound and great God of Dollar.

  10. My heart breaks for those sheeple that follow his lies….to be so blind is so very sad.

  11. Steve Munsey NEVER purchased land in Tacoma, WA.; It was property owned by The World of Pentecost UPCI, He (Steve Munsey) and his Brother in law(Kevin Gerald) stole the property by ousting the then Pastor Gene Ziemke and taking control of the Property with the Already built Amphitheater in place on the forty acres. When it stopped making them money they shut it down, and sold it to the county for a Park, because Kevin Gerald had moved over to and conglomerated The Amphitheater church with Peoples Church of Tacoma and began doing indoor plays there. I was there and witnessed this First Hand!

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