Greg French Said What?

July 30, 2011

“Connect Group Notes – 25 July 2011


‘Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.’ 1 Cor 9:24 (NKJV)

We lose hope when we lose sight of God’s capacity to breakthrough. To run our race means we need to choose to believe that God can.

– A boy is Healed, Mark 9:14-29
• Jesus says that all things are possible for those who believe, v23
• We need to move into a place of belief that God can v24

So how do we move from unbelief to belief?
– Understand that small things are important

Matt 10:29-30 The details of our life are important to God.

• We need to train ourselves to have faith in small things.
• Speak to molehills first, building your faith for mountains.
• We forget that to believe for the ‘small’ things is preparation for the ‘big’ things.
• We build belief, faith when we start believing with smaller things in life.

– Keep turning up

Acts 3:1 This man was positioned day after day for 38 years. The two men passing were pray-ers, heading to pray. They are walking past hundreds of needy people but they hear the voice of the blind man among others because they hear God’s voice in prayer.

• We too need to understand our voice will be heard if we keep turning up.
• We are strengthened and rebuilt when we continue coming to the House of God.

– Have a heart revelation, embrace unity
Acts 4:32-34 ALL needs met because they were of one heart, one mind.

• We need a revelation of God in our hearts, not just our minds.
• As we stand in unity and agreement with each other, power and grace build.

God says “I am the God who can, if you just believe.”
1. What do you do when you lose faith?
2. How can you re-commit to persevering, continuing to show up to God’s place?
3. Who has God put in your life that you can stand in agreement with or for?” – Greg French, Connect Group Notes 25 July 2011: God Can If You Believe, 25/07/2011. (Accessed 28/07/2011)



  1. That’s great, Jake. You’re finally posting sound Biblical teachings on this site without twisting their words and getting incorrect meanings out of it.

  2. As the author of these posts, I might have to start notifying if I endorse the material or not. I do not endorse the above teachings by Greg French.

    But feel free to discuss why you think it’s good or bad.

  3. Author? Doesn’t that imply some kind of work on your part? I mean, normally you at least go through and pick out the bits you don’t like, this time you’ve just pasted the entire thing.

  4. Richmond – I do my best to make sure what I quote is context. I do ask other people before posting if I am taking certain quotes out of context. As an author – I do provide other things to these articles, like sources, pictures, links, easy to read formatting. I try to lay it out as much as I can to the original topics.

    I do not wish to misrepresent what someone has said on here. At the same time, I don’t want to bore people with irrelevant information.

    “normally you at least go through and pick out the bits you don’t like”

    Not true.

    I posted Mark Kelsey’s connect notes here:

    And his entire sermon here:

    I also quoted the entire speech of Sheralyn Bucknell here too:

    Brian Houston’s full statement here:

    Russel Kelly and Paul de Jong’s full argument here:

    When it came to Pringle’s books, some snippets spoke for themselves. Other segments were quite drawn out so you can see him come to some interesting conclusions or statements. Please understand I have gone to painstaking detail to make sure that I have not taken anyone out of context.

    If you think I have – please provide the quote and explain why. All quotes are sources so you can go to them, correct me why I am wrong – and then I can rev-evaluate what is said and make the necessary changes.


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