Brandon Barthrop Said What?

August 3, 2011


WARNING! This videos is a parable! NOT to be taken literally. The language in this video is symbolic! Glory! Having spiritual sex wit h Jesus should be just as normal to Christians as breathing, since we are 1 spirit. Intimacy has been so religiousized by demons, so let us break the barriers into the reality of what intimacy is: sexual union. The entire bridal paradigm and the mystery of marriage and consummation etc. that is in the natural is all symbolic of the ultimate union with God. Sex between a man and women in the marriage covenant is the physical manifestation of the spiritual marriage and spiritual sex between the Christian and their Lord. Glory! Orgasmic glory is here to stay as the Lord will never issue us a divorce certificate! Hallelujah! For more orgasmic glory visit Red Letter Ministries online garden: http://RedLetterMin.com/” – Brandon Barthrop, http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=313098887049, 2010. (Accessed 01/08/2010)

Provided Documentation

Provided Documentation


One comment

  1. Wow…….Barthrop is just one single breath away from hellfire…..wonder if he has a clue…….

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