Gary Lamb Said What?

January 5, 2012

“You know what my biggest regret in that church is? Is how I left that church. If I had it to do over again today this is how’d I’d a done it. I wish I’d have walked up into that church with a baseball bat, clocked that woman in her noggin, punched her husband in the face, took a baseball bat to those pews, burnt the organ up, set the piano on fire.” – Gary Lamb, Exponential Conference, 20/04/2009.


“To the people who stole our trailer:

First let me say, God loves you. Second let me say we forgive you. We really don’t want to forgive you, but God says we should so we do. Third of all I want you to know that I think you are scum bags. I think you are lowlife degenerates who need a good butt kicking. Matter of fact I feel so strongly about the fact that you need a good butt kicking that I am volunteering to do it. I hope you believe in God because you should get on your knees and cry out to Him like never before because if we find you, I can promise we will kick the crap out of you. It won’t be pretty, it won’t be over quickly, and it will be very painful. I know that doesn’t sound very nice but I feel pretty strongly that is what you need.” – Gary Lamb, Trailer Stolen, http://www.garylamb.org/2008/07/03/trailer-stolen/, 03/07/2008.


“Taught on an issue I am very passionate about which is the subject of forgiveness. I know from my own life that unforgiveness will eat away at you in ways you can never imagine. At the end of the service, the altar was full of people literally crying out to God. Powerful moment.” – Gary Lamb, Sunday Night Mind Dump…, http://www.garylamb.org, 18/12/2011.



  1. Chris Rosebrough originally reported this information. However JoelOsteen ministries complained about YoutTube’s video channell and the source of Gary Lamb’s quote was removed. I managed to track down the date, session and even the context thanks to a blogger who posted there notes from Gary Lamb’s session for the first quote.

    From: http://www.jenniclayville.com/exponential-conference-2009-day-1/

    Today was our first day at the Exponential Conference. It wasn’t even a full day today and I ALREADY feel refreshed and refueled. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way and it couldn’t come at a better time.

    Already warning you… this will be a longer post since I’m just decompressing and inserting some of the notes from today…

    … Breakout Session #3 – Gary Lamb and Scott Hodge

    Gary Lamb:

    It’s much easier to compromise about your vision than it is to be mean about it.
    It is NOT easy to be mean… but you gotta be confident on what God has called you to do. Don’t compromise on that.
    If you can’t be mean about your calling… then you weren’t called.
    We have glorified church planting… it’s not for everyone.
    There’s a Judas at every table and he’s close enough to kiss you.
    There’s a difference between being mean and being mean about the vision.
    – Posted on April 21, 2009.


    “Exponential 2009. This video consists of photos taken at Exponential 2009 The National New Church Conference. The conference was held at the First Baptist Church of Orlando, 3000 S John Young Parkway, Orlando, Florida, April 20 23, 2009. Exponential is the largest church planting conference in the world having grown from about 200 to over 3,000 participants during the last four years. New Life Christian Church of Centreville, Virginia and New Lifes church planting ministry, Passion for Planting, are founding members of the Exponential Network which oversees the conference and leaders from New Life and Passion for Planting play integral roles in running the conference. The music accompaniment for the video is Can It Be True, which was composed by Eric Reiss, New Lifes Worship Minister. Eric and one of New Lifes praise bands perform the selection.”

    I was able to get the url of the article that Gary Lamb made his second comment on. The date when he made the second comment was in his url.

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