Chris Rosebrough Said What? (II)

June 4, 2012

“Its all about getting you to not automatically just say, ‘okay, whatever my pastor says is true. He’s the man of God. I’m not the man of God, and I’ve never studied theology, and who am I to challenge my pastor. So I’m just going to believe everything he says without questioning.’

Yeah, that’s a problem, because one of the most dangerous places to be nowadays, spiritually, is inside of a church. And I don’t care what brand its got on the outside of it; whether its Southern Baptist, whether its Methodist, whether its Lutheran, or Presbyterian, or Reformed or…’seeker driven’. Your allegiance is to Christ and to His word. When your pastor deviates from Scripture, you’re not to just blindly follow your pastor. As a result of this, we have the job that’s been praised in Scripture, and that’s the job of the Bereans, the work that they did.

When the apostle Paul breezed into the town of Berea he preached the Gospel to them. Now, the folks there in Berea didn’t have the New Testament, because large portions of the New Testament hadn’t been written up to that point. But what they did have was a translation of the Jewish Old Testament, in Greek, known as the Septuagint. And what we learn when we read the book of Acts, is that when the Bereans heard the Gospel they immediately went into God’s Word, into the Old Testament, to compare what the apostle Paul preached to them to what the Scriptures teach, to see if what he was saying was true.

Just because he was an apostle–he didn’t get a pass. Just because he was somebody…whom Christ appeared to directly–he didn’t get a pass. He didn’t try to pull the trump card, didn’t try to play the authority rank card, and say ‘how dare you Bereans question or challenge me! Don’t you know that I am God’s anointed, and the Scripture say you shall not touch God’s anointed!? What I said to you is true, and you will believe it or else, because I am the apostle Paul!’ No. That’s not what the Scriptures say at all. It says that the Bereans were of a more noble character than the Thessalonians, because they received the Word with joy and they compared the Gospel that Paul preached to God’s Word.

If the apostle Paul doesn’t even get a pass, and the Bereans are praised by God the Holy Spirit in His Word as having a noble character because they compared what was preached to them to the Word of God, its worth taking note, and saying, ‘you know what. My pastor, Chris Rosebrough, NOBODY gets a pass.’ God’s Word is true, and all human beings are sinful and capable of grievous error. Sometimes the errors that are committed in the church are done so, well, blindly, because the person doesn’t know any better. Sometimes the errors committed in a church are done maliciously. On purpose. Deceptively. The fact is, there are con-men, and women, who are in the church. There are false teachers, con-artists, and others. And as a result of it, we must always be on our guard, especially in the things that pertain to God. Even more so than we should be on our guard against people who engage in deceptive business practices. The Better Business Bureau exists, in part, to help create a way of self-policing businesses so that they can say they meet these Better Business Bureau standards.

“Well, here at Fighting For the Faith, what we do is we compare what people are saying in the name of God to the Word of God with this understanding: what happens in a church, what’s taught in a church is far more important in the grand, eternal scheme of things, than whether or not you were ripped off $50 by a Maytag repairman. Or maybe you didn’t get the best heath care from your doctor. You see, when it comes to doctors and lawyers and people who have specialized education like that, we are pretty much unified in the sense that we want the best. We wouldn’t put up with somebody who basically got their medical degree from a diploma mill. Or somebody who said, ‘you know, I just really like…I enjoy medicine. And so, I decided I’d just go, you know, teach myself how to perform surgery and things like that.’ Or an attorney who…well…didn’t study law, but really is fascinated by Law and Order on television, and therefore also feels that they’re qualified to be an attorney. Nobody would go to a doctor or an attorney if those were their credentials.

And yet when it comes to our eternal salvation, isn’t that the exact type of person that many are putting their eternal salvation, basically putting them into the hands of people who have that level of understanding and experience when it comes to God’s Word?: they haven’t studied, they don’t know their languages, they don’t know sound biblical theology and doctrine, they don’t know the proper distinction between law and Gospel. They couldn’t spell sound doctrine if it was given to them in the 1 Million Dollar Question on television. And yet, many people prefer those kinds of pastors because they’re entertaining. They can draw a crowd! Yet they can’t properly handle God’s Word, and they’re not qualified to teach even kindergarten, biblically, and yet they’re the head pastors in many, many, many churches. And these are the men who, when you challenge what they say on Biblical grounds, and say ‘wait a second…pastor. Or should I say CEO. That’s not what God’s word says,’ they malign and impugn you. They call you divisive, and put you out of the church. Think about it.

Those men are not pastors. And they’re not qualified to do so. And if we wouldn’t trust ourselves to a man who never went to medical school, or who flunked out of it, and wanted to practice medicine, why on earth would we trust our eternal salvation–of ourselves, our kids, our family, and our friends–to men who have the equivalent of a diploma mill degree that they sent away for for their ordination. I don’t care how many people they can attract to a building, or how good of marketers they are, or how savvy they are when it comes to the latest leadership principles. If they are miserable and unqualified to teach regarding truly handling God’s Word, you have no business listening to them, let alone tithing to them. We need pastors who will do the hard work of studying and understanding God’s Word, and really digging into it deep bringing out God’s Word in a way that highlights Christ and what He has done for us, that placards Him, and Him crucified for our sins, and that call sinners to repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus name, and doesn’t cut corners in the name of–basically putting on a show that would be friendly to ‘seekers,’ cause there’s no such thing.

But instead, soberly, diligently, faithfully, patiently does the hard work of one who rightly handles the Word of Truth, and teaches people sound Biblical doctrine, doesn’t twist it, doesn’t add to it, doesn’t take away from it, isn’t ashamed of the Gospel–those men are worth their weight in gold, even if they’re not capable or interested in putting on a glitzy rock-and-roll show.

Something to consider.” – Chris Rosebrough, “Cash For Converts?”, Fighting For The Faith, 22/07/2010.



  1. ^ Kudos to Brandi Daviski for transcribing this from Chris Rosebrough’s podcast.

  2. Never met Chris…. Wish that I could !… He’s my main man, next to Jesus… Sure, I disagree on a Lutheran thing or two… But this Chris Rosebrough is from God… He needs to be heard!You Go Bro.Love you in Jesus….jim

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