Brian Tamaki Said What?


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  1. Well I dont know what this Preacher said, but for all you ‘nice good clean white people in NZ’ who have made for yourselves a life out of havng a view on BT. He’s a great Maori and his church is getting all this free advertising. If he wasnt there what would your life be filled of? Probably BS. Ok now I understand that there are many X gang members in NZ, or would be gang members that now attend his church. So big honky NZ whitey feels safe that cause big Maori now goes to church, it can now pick noses, but you think about how much tax dollars he is saving by giving many good Maori folk a reason to live rightous life – Instead of ending up in jail! Some kiwis think they are so smart but are really dumb arses, & are really a bunch of wankers. If this church or group should fail because of typical NZ negativity, mark my words..IM GOING TO INVEST IN LOCK & SECURITY COMPANY SHARES IN NZ, BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL BE GETTING. Crime waves, rapes, more murders, bashings, home invasions..and fear in your homesn & fear in your beds – that you will be next or your daughters or wives. So you kiwis should stop your mouthing off about this great Maori Brian Tamaki & stop eating your own shit & sniffing it too! REMEMBER YOU ARE LIVING ON STOLEN LAND>>MAORI LAND. So stop your mouthing off or pay a heavy price..nation of nutters. Signed True Blue Aussie..By the way i’d have a Maori working for me anyday, they work hard are honest & friendly & kind to everyone. But in their own land they are teated like dirt by you whites.you bunch of poofters & sheep rooters

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