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“When you give to God, He controls your income. There is no such thing as a fixed income in the kingdom of God. Your income is controlled by your giving…” – John Hagee, Praise-A-Thon, TBN, 04/11/1992

“Poverty is a curse.” – John Hagee, Praise-A-Thon, TBN,  04/12/1992 (Christian Research Institute Article on John Hagee)

“Jesus was not poor…Jesus had a nice house! John 1:38 says that Jesus turned to those that were following him and said, ‘Come with me.’ And they said, ‘Where dwellest thou?’ He said, ‘Come and see.’ And Jesus took that whole crowd home with Him to stay in His house. That meant it was a big house! Jesus wore fine clothes! John 19:23 says, ‘He had a seamless robe.’ Roman soldiers gambled for it at the foot of the cross. It was a designer original! It was valuable enough for them to want it!…And then there are Christians that have a poverty complex that says, ‘Well, I feel guilty about having nice things.’ Jesus didn’t!” – John Hagee, Praise-A-Thon, TBN, 05/11/04

“The anointing will do these things, Luke 4:8 says, ‘He has annointed me to preach the good news to the poor.’ What’s the good news to the poor? The good news to the poor is this, Christ took our poverty at the cross, and he gave you the riches of Abraham. Brother, that’s enough to make a baptist get in the aisle and start dancing. If you have the anointing you don’t have the curse of poverty.” – John Hagee, (Audio-clip), Bible Answer-man, 25/02/04

There is a relationship between your soul and physical and financial prosperity. ‘This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth’ [quoting Josh. 1:8 KJV]. That’s the spoken Word of God. ‘And then thou shalt prosper and have good success.’ When? After you speak and act upon the Word of God. And you’ve been hearing that tonight out of the mouth of [famous Faith teacher] John Avanzini.” – John Hagee, Praise-A-Thon, TBN, 4/11/1992 (Christian Research Institute Article on John Hagee)

“Poverty is caused by sin and disobeying the Word of God.” – John Hagee, Praise-A-Thon, TBN,  16/04/1993 (Christian Research Institute Article on John Hagee)

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* Thanks to http://www.inplainsite.org/html/the_prosperity_doctrine.html for quotes and sources!



  1. […] with the modern day promoters of the feel good health and wealth message like Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Td Jakes, Creflo Dollar, and Joel Osteen just to name a few. Because of this grand travesty of […]

  2. […] dealing with the modern day promoters of the feel good health and wealth message like Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Td Jakes, Creflo Dollar, and Joel Osteen just to name a few. Because of this grand travesty of […]

  3. How Could I Get Involved In Removing John Hagee’s Church Tax-Exempt Status?

    • I would like to get involved restricting the tax-exempt status of all churches in the USA.How would I go about doing this?

      • Preach the Word of God in season and out of season. 🙂 God’s light will expose them and judge those false ministries/charities.

        Churches that are true, should keep their tax exempt status. One’s that are counterfeit need to be scrutinised.

      • How about you get a life and worry about helping the churches of God rather than hurting them that’s anti Christ statements may God have mercy on you

  4. How Could I Get Involved in Revoking the Tax-Exempt Status of John Hagee’s Church?

  5. Verily I say unto you it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of s needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven

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