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Carl Walther Said What?

October 4, 2012

“”The true distinguishing mark of false teachers is that they direct the attention of their listeners to themselves and their lives instead of to Christ. Pious Christian teachers direct the people away from themselves to Christ as St. John here does and testifies.”

Praise God, that is what we and others are doing. For all of our sermons have this goal: that you and we may know and believe that Christ alone is the one Savior and Comfort of the world. The Shepherd and Bishop of our souls [1 Peter 2:25], just as the Gospel everywhere directs people to Christ and as John does in his testimony.

This is why we never attempt to attract people to ourselves but instead lead them to Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life [John 14:6]. On the other hand, all those who do not preach and testify about Christ but about themselves, they are false teachers.” Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther [Quoting Martin Luther], “Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod,” First Iowa District Convention, St Pauls Church, Fort Dodge, Iowa, August, 1879.