Andrew Kubala Said What?

June 12, 2011

Andrew Kubala: [77:25], “You’re going to feel warmth come all over your body and the pain’s going to go. Ok? And then you’ll be happy… … And just go, ‘Thank you God for healing me’. Ok? That’s all you have to do. Just not loud- just in your brain, alright? And we’ll do the rest. [Inaudable: (Here it?)] comes right now! You can feel it, falling over your life in Jesus name. There’s years [78:00] of pain. Bind and break it’s power. What ever specialist, what ever doctor – what meanings they be- we come against those spoken words.

Here comes- here comes the power of God! It went wsssh! all over you! That’s the anointing of God. You don’t have to do anything. It’s alright, just relax. Just relax. It’s going to be fine. Tonight’s your night. As soon as you lifted up your hand, that’s where the miracle was. That’s where the miracle was. You see I can see your brain kinda ticking over. That’s okay. Just relax. Just breathe big breaths.

Here he comes!” [Starts praying at 78:36]

Andrew Kubala: [78:46] “You know God spoke to me this afternoon. He said, ‘God’s healing bones’. He’s going to heal bones today. Pain’s going to shift off your life in Jesus name- can you feel my hands getting warmer? That’s the anointing of God. That’s the anointing of God just falling over your life. You’re gonna go back to your specialist. [79:00] You’re going to go back to your doctor and they’re gonna laugh. They’re gonna say, ‘I don’t know what’s happened. I don’t know how that shifted over your life’.

But I’m telling you right now, you’re going to see a miracle take place in your life in Jesus name. Why are you wiggling? You’re wiggling allot. How- how hot is it up here? Is it hot? It is hot ay? I thought it was the lights.

Yeah, I dunno, it’s weird. Give me some shoulder wiggling. [person wiggles shoulders] How does it feel?” [79:25] …

Andrew Kubala: [79:36] “Has the pain gone. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Bend down- gimme- where is it sore? On your shoulders? Somewhere else? Your neck?”

Person: Everywhere.

Andrew Kubala: “Everywhere? [inaudable] … Listen. That feeling of like, ‘I’m not in pain any longer’… cos how long have you had this thing for? Like a long time?”

Person: Years. Yeah.

“Yes. See what- [80:00] this is the truth [faces church]. Our mind finds it hard to think that years of pain can shift in a thirty second moment.

[Faces person] I’m telling you sweetheart: you’re going to be healed. This is never coming back. Never coming back. Okay?”

Person: Yep. [Crowd applauds]

Andrew Kubala: “So you just- just-… HERE’S SOME HOMEWORK OKAY. [Faces person] Here’s some homework, cos your words locate you. I just want you to for twenty four- Just give me twenty four hours- every time you think about it, say, ‘God thank you for healing me’. Okay? Just go, ‘Thank you for healing me’. And all of a sudden, [clicks fingers] you’ll be like, ‘Oh! I’ve been one day without pain. Two days without pain. Three days without pain. And bingo-jingo, you’ll be back in church laughing. [Changes subject] Do you go to a connect group?”

Person: I go to a church at Christchurch sometimes.

Andrew Kubala: “At Christchurch! You’re a KIWI? No wonder you got healed!” – Andrew Kubala, Is It Time For A Change?: (77:25- 80:47), http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/it-time-change, C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm, 05/02/2001. (Accessed 13/06/2011)



  1. In the above it’s important to notice how the lines are blurred – who does the healing?

    In the above dialogue it came from 4 sources.
    1. First off it was Kubala.
    2. Then he reminded everyone it was God that heals.
    3. Then he told the church to pray for healing.
    4. Finally when he failed to move God’s hand to heal her – he told her to heal herself.

  2. i feel sorry for the person who started and runs this site. what a sad existence.

  3. by the way, God is the only Healer, Andrew is someone that has been empowered by God to bring the message of healing to people.. No doubt Andrew Kubala would be the first to honour that. Dont assume what you think you know.

  4. To those that defend ministers such as this, I am going to start collecting these quotes to demonstrate the ‘love’ that is demonstrated by so-called Christians who either attend C3 or defend these ministers.

    I am continually getting abused and demonised by many at C3 Church. They dismiss the claims and continue with personal attacks. Demonstrate your faith and not your sin You Wish. Why cower behind an alias and attack me?

  5. Today I saw Andrew Kubala at our church. I was healed of arthritis (Im 34) The arthritis left me in daily constant pain. It was extrememly severe and was pulling my back in to a hump back.
    I couldnt straighten my back.
    I went to the front and was prayed for (in much the same way as stated above) and I was healed In Jesus name.Fully and totally healed.My back has straightened out and I have no pain.
    Dont look to Andrew<or the way in which he prays for the healing,fact is its not Andrew but Christ Jesus working through him.

  6. Great to hear, Missy Bear.

    Jake – What do you make of this? You must really hate when people get healed like this and it throws a whole damper on your “no healing allowed!” policy.

    • God is sovereign.

      In the same way that He can speak through a donkey, He can heal through (or in spite of) a C3 pastor’s prayer.

      No one hates it when someone is healed, but it’s important that the glory is given to God – not the pastor, and not the church, but God.

  7. I’d love to hear from all the people that claim to be healed – this guy is a fake… your pain comes back doesn’t it!! you think your healed because you onstage in front of 100’s of people…

    Not a good example of the church
    (shame on you phil pringle… make’s you look bad.. wonder why your church isn’t growing??)

    I heard all the people from his 1st TV show BELIEVE (pilot)… didn’t get healed.. and didn’t want anything further to do with the Kubula’s!! don’t waste your time or money on this guy!!


  8. his ebsite ωa… h do yu say t?Relent!! Finlly I have discovered something that helped me. Thanks!

  9. All these healing evangelists are a complete fake and it is based on your ability to believe in miracles from God and basically the improvement in health becomes mind over matter. Of course no real God with his massive powers and morals is going to allow someone who is focused on making money from this so called gift to create miracle cures in his name, he would come to earth and do it himself….if he existed of course, so you believers should wake up and go to a doctor.

  10. My son was healed of Asthma seven years ago when Pastor Andrew prayed for him. I did not tell my son’s teacher or his doctor. At the end of a year, the teacher gave me back all of the medications the school had been keeping for him, saying that he didn’t need them all year. His doctor also said he was asthma free. Since my son was a preschooler, he couldn’t have been hiding his symptoms, etc. He was simply healed by God.

    • All I did was post up the transcript. It sounds like the truth offended you.

  11. Hi,
    Why you have so hate with these pastors? I am telling you, whatever miracles, it will work when you believe it 100%. It doesn’t matter who is the pastor. God healed people who believe and really surrender to HIM. Healed is a precious gift from God not from pastor. Pastor only the mediator. So, if any of you has been prayed and not yet got healed, it doesn’t mean something wrong with the pastors, but something wrong with yourself!. Check yourself !
    God knows your mind, He can see transparently your mind, even your future thinking.
    So, you need to surrender yourself and ask forgiveness to God for being offended to any pastor. Read the bible, don’t judge people, because the only person who has right to judge is GOD. All humans are not perfect and have sins, so no one has right to judge others or church. If any person or any church is really wrong doer let us pray to God let God handle it, shall not we be the judge.

  12. I was at The Cause Church in Brea and Andrew Kubala was the gest speaker. I didnt know who he was, and had no prior knowlegde of His ministry. Guess what…God healed my back, and the pain has never come back. My friend sitting next to me had a 10 year old neck injury from a motorcycle accident and guess what..healed….the pain has never come back. Thank you Jesus that you are the same yesterday, today and forever. Andrew has the gift of healing. Does everyone get healed. No, they didnt when Jesus walked the earth either. But in Jesus name people are still getting gealed today. What is greater is that people are still getting saved from their sin in Jesus name.

    • I too attend The Cause Church. I am a member. I love the pastors. I attended an Andrew Kubala healing service. I had never heard of Andrew Kubala. I suffered from a chronic autoimmune disorder that causes extreme misery in those afflicted with it. Andrew Kubala urged everyone who needed healing to come forward for prayer. He essentially said if you are sick and you don’t come forward you will miss your opportunity for God to heal you. I’ve been walking with The Lord for over 30 years and I know that our God is sovereign. and is well able to accomplish his will with or without Andrew Kubala. I also believe in the gifts of the spirit. My 10 year old grand daughter tugged on my sleeve and said “Papa why don’t you go forward?’ She had witnessed the devastating effects my condition had on me.
      I went forward. There was a throng of people…Kubala prayedfor many people during the span of about 20 minutes.
      There was a teen age girl sobbing next to me and another girl next to her. I stepped behind the two girls as we waited to be prayed for. I watched Anrew Kubala. As he was praying he looked at his watch. When he finished praying for that person he handed the mic to one of the pastors. Kubala spent the next hour or so selling books and tapes at his table in the back of the church. I don’t know if there were more than 3 people who were sent back to their seats without prayer. What Kubala did was absolutely heartless. My faith was not shaken. My grand daughters was and I had to explain that Kubala was an imperfect man. And, what we witnessed is the fruit of a man with a heart problem that needs healing. I wrote to Andrew Kubala and never got an answer.

      • God bless your faith in spite of your pain. You are in the same company as Paul the (last) Apostle. May I suggest leaving that church that supports heretics like Kubala?

    • The reason God does not make healing, tongues, or other signs verification of faith is because those things are copied elsewhere in demonic religions. So if in fact you are healed I would not say God did not heal you, nor would I say he did. But the new age and psychosomatic chicanery that cohabits in the name of Jesus within the NAR movement does not lend you any credibility. Jesus never had a healing crusade, he had a repentance crusade, as Jacob Prasch likes to say.

  13. Pastor Andrew Kubala prayed for someone in San Diego, CA who had a short leg, the leg grew three inches in front of everyone. I believe in miracles.

    • That’s kind of a common gag healing. There’s skates the story of the b person whose leg grew three inches right in front their eyes. I’d research it if I were you. Again, not saying it didn’t happen, but considering the repetitive nature of that particular 3 inch leg story, I doubt it.

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